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Cheap black dress shoes

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    Cheap black dress shoes

    I'm looking for some cheap black dress shoes (about $100). I know I won't be getting the quality of a shoe that I would at a higher price range, aka AE shoes, but my budget doesn't stress that far. What brands would you guys recommend? I've been looking at the Florsheim Lexingtons...


    Are you looking for something classic? Something modern? Do you have any favorite names? There are a lot of black dress shoes out there.

    The Lexingtons would seem to fit the bill, though they look pretty shiny in the pictures, and that's personally not my thing. Reminds me of tuxedo rental shoes.



      You have good taste. These:

      I have owned them for about 5 years, and worn them pretty regularly (2-3 days a week) the last 2 years. They are starting to show their age on the inside and sole, but still look great on the tops. They have already been well worth the $90 I paid for them at a Dillards or something, any time longer they last is just bonus.



        My go-to dress shoes for several years were a pair of Aston Greys from DSW. Got them for something like $70 - they were comfortable, they held up well over the years, and the leather was definitely a step up from the horrible plasticky-feeling stuff you tend to get at this price range. They weren't Goodyear welted or anything but for the price they were about as good as I could have hoped for. They do lean toward chisel toes, though, which some guys don't like.




          I like these better than the Florsheims:



            +1 on the Cole Haan Coltons



              I had looked at the Coltons yesterday and they weren't in my size, when I saw that they were today I sprung on them. Thanks everyone!



                If I had not bought new black shoes 2 weeks ago, I'd be grabbing black Coltons today. I just have no need for 2 pairs of black shoes.

                Even now, I'm considering the mahogany Coltons...



                  I mentioned this in another thread, but I have had the Florsheim Canfields now for about a year.

                  They are the simple cap toe version of Florsheim's imperial line (goodyear welt, etc).

                  Garbage IMO. On the left shoe the leather upper created this giant nasty wrinkly pattern from day one. There are loose threads all over on the stitching.

                  The leather quality isn't too bad though, not as plastic looking as other cheap pairs I've seen.

                  I could prob deal w/ most issues, but the bizarre wrinkling is what has turned me off for good.