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Boat shoes

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    Boat shoes

    Question 1: Brown or navy?

    Question 2: Best affordable option?

    Question 3: Sperry, Bass, Sebago?

    Question 4: Thoughts on BASS HINGHAM:


    Your choice.

    Any of your next three are good and can be found cheap.


    Definitely flashier than a lot, if that's what you want.



      1: Why not BOTH?

      2: Sebago docksides are my favorite

      3: See #2

      4: Very cool! Mark McNairy designed for Bass... Hmm... Very tempting.



        1. I prefer navy and grey. I'm on the hunt for a navy pair with that orange-ish sole some boat shoes have

        2. Any of the ones you listed. I like sperrys.

        3. Any

        4. I like those a lot.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          @greg, what's your budget? There's these, made in the USA:



            I don't know if you have an outlet mall near you, but if you do, I would see if they have a Bass outlet. I know I've always liked ours. I've never bought anything dressy there, but I've always been satisfied with the casual shoes I've found. Just figured I would mention since Bass is on your list.



              I would like to stay below $100.



                I think if you're spending over $100 on boat shoes, you're doing something wrong. :-)

                Check these out!


                I picked these up at Dillards New Year clearance for $50, but I imagine that was a one-time deal, and this is still a good price at $85 (original retail is $170). It's in your budget, and these babies are fully deer-skin lined around the inside (feels awesome) with removeable insoles - a handy feature for shoes that are worn barefoot. Plus it comes with freakin' gold-plated, corrosion resistant grommets. How cool is that?!?

                As for the sizing, a lot of people are saying you need to size down, but I didn't notice any sizing issues. However, if I'm wearing a shoe barefoot, I need a little breathing room. Plus, I'm used to flip-flops dangling from my feet. Also, I've got particularly odd-shaped feet. They're not just wide. They're like duck feet. :-) So I'm probably not a good representative for proper shoe fit.



                  I'm hanging on for a discount code to pick up some of these.


                  They're the best price I've found on a boat shoe, and they come with L.L. Bean's lifetime satisfaction guarantee. So if they fall apart you can just return them for some new ones, or for your money back. Plus I like the reddish-brown "briar" color better than standard dark brown.




                    Does LL Bean do discount codes? $59 is a pretty good price already.



                      Damn it... Now I'm falling in love with those Bass Hingham... They're available at $91 on Amazon as well.




                        LOL, how many pairs of boat shoes do you already own? I'm having the same issue with the Allen Edmonds Cliftons from another thread...






                            those hinghams are sweet. boat shoes are one thing I don't need more of however - except orange



                              @JC - Occasionally they will do a 10-15% code. Nothing too crazy, but $50 is an even better price than $59.