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Mini-Review: J.Crew Ludlow Sport Coat in Herringbone Italian Wool

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    If you pull on the sleeve, I bet it goes away. Likely the size or shape of the armhole. But is it ugly? Does it stand out? I think it's a good fit and a nice fabric. You could compare to a 34S but if out of stock don't feel bad keeping the 36S/R. Do you have a trusted tailor you can ask?
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      I have the same problem with my newly acquired ludlow topcoat in herringbone. I get the divot when I wear it over a sweater rather than a suit, so that explains it. But I intended to wear it over a sweater rather than a suit so I dont know if I should return or not. The third pic is what I am talking about in the following link.

      Man I love this herringbone topcoat was just what I was looking for so I'm leaning towards keeping it.
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        Originally posted by LCDR View Post
        Maybe I am being too picky. My shoulders are not as bad as the pic from LChow, but my right shoulder is showing a definite irregularity: a mild divot or a pseudo-divot?
        I have the same issue with my J.Crew Ludlows, and its with my right shoulder as well. If I size down then the jacket usually fits too tight. I don't want my jackets and sport coats to look painted on - I'll leave that to fast fashion like H&M and Zara, etc. My shoulders look very similar to yours LCDR, and I've just accepted it. Is it a perfect fit? No. Is it better than 99% of the jackets I see guys wearing? Yes. Would anyone other than me and a few dappered/styleforum/etc. readers ever even notice? No. I think your jacket fits well through the top of the shoulder, it just has that little divot, but otherwise looks and appears to fit great.

        Also, its possible a 36S would fix this - I'm not sure how the measurements are different from 36R, but with many brands there is a difference in chest/shoulder measurements between Regular and Short.


          Originally posted by Duvel View Post
          The shoulders aren't good. Return it. A size smaller might work, though.
          You notice how the right vent juts out? If there's any more waist compression, it'll stick straight out like a butt cape. I don't think a smaller size is the answer here. A lot of times, OTR suiting is going to do that in the shoulder. It affects some of my Ludlow jackets as well, and I know for a fact that I'll Hulk Hogan the jacket if I go any smaller.




            If you look at those two, even the models seem to have the divot issue. I guess even the professional stylists at Jcrew have trouble fitting these professional models who are supposed to have more "ideal" proportions than the average man.


              I stand corrected on the divot issue.

              I had a jacket from ASOS that once did this. I took it to my tailor and he said he could fix it, but it required some pretty extensive alterations - my understanding was that he was going to take in the shoulder from the middle seem, to bring them in line with my natural shoulder line and slightly change the angle. Unfortunately, even though the jacket was unlined (and he said that would save me money) the cost of tailoring still would have been almost twice what I paid for the ASOS jacket. So I just lived with it. I haven't worn it in a long while but I always got compliments when I did, no one ever said anything about the way the shoulders fit.