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Lacoste has well-fitting shirts

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  • Lacoste has well-fitting shirts

    so i randomly tried on some shirts while at a Lacoste store, their slim fit dress-y shirt (bright solid colors, with the crocodile logo on chest, so may not be the most boardroom dressy option). they fit surprisingly very well, very little extra room in the chest and through the body. i am 6', 168lb, 38 chest and 32/33 waist and their medium seems to be my size. they also have other types of fits (super slim, but maybe that's for casual shirts).

    for comparison, i like banana republic tailored slim fit a lot, probably the best fit OTR shirt at this price ranger (below $30 with a good sale). but Lacoste is even slimmer. BR tailored slim fit can still use some more tapering on the side, and does bunch up at the belt, while Lacoste literally has none of that, just a perfect fit. while not many would consider Lacoste for non-polo shirts, it really nails the fit. its msrp is $125, so don't think i will be buying it, but still wanna bring it up. next time you are stuck in a Lacoast with nothing to do (waiting for SO trying on stuff), you may want to pick up a slim fit shirt and try in on.

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    You never know where you'll find your best fitting shirt. And remember: If you can find a single one off the rack that fits you perfect, you're only a few clicks and a shipping label away from sending it to numerous outfits than can copy that shirt and make you whatever you want MTO.