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J Crew Ludlow Suit - Final Sale

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    J Crew Ludlow Suit - Final Sale

    I just received an e-mail for 30% off final sale items. I've actually been looking for a summer suit, thinking I could get a good deal out of season. The Ludlow in wheat is on sale for around $150, but it cannot be returned. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Ludlow suits.

    I just realized that the pants are only available in 42. Would this still be a good deal? Can a tailor take several inches off the waist line, or would it be too much tailoring?


    I've got no experience with it, personally, but I figured I would chime in.

    I think I found the one you're looking at it, and it's pretty neat. You do realize it's twill, though, right? I'm sure it's obvious, but I figured I would point it out, anwyays.

    I'd get it in a heartbeat if I were in the market to buy a new suit. Just pointing out the obvious to anyone who might be expecting wool.



      Just noticed the second half of yuor post. What's your waist size? I'm sure a tailor can work within a certain range, but at some point you're pushing your luck.



        Wow, thanks for the quick response. I actually didn't notice it was twill, I think I was too excited about the price. What difference would it make that it is twill? I read on the website that it makes it harder to achieve consistency in coloring, but are there other concerns with a twill summer suit? I tend to wear a 36" waist, I was more concerned with the legs also being too wide.



          Well twill is cotton. It's a fine material, but I would say it's more casual than a wool suit. It makes a good sumemr suit if it's not too thick. Ignore the part about color matching. They're just talking about how wonderful it is since they insist on only the best. It's marketing speak. :-)

          Twill is basically the same material that khakis (aka chinos) are made from. Some are heavy and some are light. I can't speak for this suit without seeing it in person. To see the material up close, click the pic where the dude is opening the jacket to show the label, and then zoom in on the material. It's got a fine guage so it probably looks really good. I just can't speak for how heavy it is. The guage does not necessarily correspond to the weight.

          If nothing else, the jacket, by itself, is probably great with jeans.



            Relax, take a deep breath, and let it go. Sometimes we get too caught up in a good deal. A tailor will think you are crazy if you ask them to take 6 inches out of a waist. Think of the space between the two back pockets on a pair of pants, now imagine it with 6 inches of fabric gone in between.



              Hardrain, I tried, but I'm not sure I can pass up this deal. The Aldrige suits are also on sale. Maybe I could buy the jacket in Ludlow and the pants in Aldrige and just have them tapered. Does that seem more feasible?



                I presume you're talking about this....


                I agree it's awesome. The pants are out of the question though cause of the size.

                I'm wondering whether it can be pulled off as a sportcoat. Thoughts?

                I"ve got a Jcrew giftcard burning a hole in my pocket.



                  It sounds like you are getting seduced by the price here. I've heard different things about subtracting inches off a waist in regards to whether it can be done, but several inches will alter the structure of the entire garment. It know it's tough to pass up a good deal, but personally I wouldn't pay $10 for a suit of any caliber if it didn't first fit me in the shoulders and waist. Also, keep in mind that tailoring isn't cheap. You could easily rack up a $50+ bill before you know it.

                  If you are looking for a good deal on a summer suit, try this one from LL Bean Signature. It's basically the same thing that you are talking about, but it's cheaper and there are still plenty of sizes left. Plus this suit can be worn as separates.




                    Buying the Ludlow jacket and the Aldridge pants are a much better idea, but not perfect. Getting the Aldridge tapered will work out fine, but you'll still be stuck with the higher rise, so it probably won't look right with the thinner lapels and slim cut of the Ludlow jacket.

                    That, however, if you are completely desperate to buy this, is still much better than trying to tailor a 42 to a 36. That scenario would have only ended up in you wasting a lot of money to buy clothes you can't return and possibly having some unscrupulous tailor actually let you pay him to destroy your unwearable pants. (Most tailors would just politely laugh and tell you they can't help you.)



                      I didn't realize it was suit seperates until Caliprof posted the link. I agree with above, pretty bad ass but the pants aren't gonna happen. Just buy the jacket. I don't worry about a jacket being a "sport coat" or "suit jacket". Most people on dappered don't know the difference, and hardly anyone in the outside world does



                        An alternative if you have the skin tone to pull it off:




                          Jose, thanks for the suggestion, but I prefer the more formal look of the J Crew option.

                          Chareth, I think I could live with that. I might go see if the suits are still in stores to check how different the rise really is.

                          Alan, I'm pretty pale even in the middle of summer, so I don't think I have the right skin tone to pull off that suit.




                            The Ludlow pants in Wheat are available at the regular price under "New Arrivals." You'd have to pay more for them through that route, and I don't know if the "new" pants would match the Ludlow suit jacket that is on sale, but it is an option.



                              Sorry to hijack, but I have a pair of NWT Ludlow chino wheat pants in sz 31x32 in the event anyone would be interested. Bought two waist sizes, went with one, forgot/neglected to return the other one.