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Messenger bag advice?

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    Messenger bag advice?

    I just received the LEC messenger bag I ordered during the 40% off sale a while back. Here it is. H=IDX_Men-_-ShoesAccessories-_-Bags&origin=index

    I like the style, I just wasn't expecting it to be so large. Do you guys think that matters if I'm a tall, skinny guy? I'm looking for a tan/brown messenger bag I can use to replace a backpack for college. It only needs to fit a 15" laptop and a notebook or two, so I'm undecided whether I should return this bag and order something else. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, magnetic flaps are preferred over velcro. Velcro takes me back to elementary school shoes (feels childish). I'm looking to spend $75 or less, too.


    Do you have an outlet mall nearby with a Fossil outlet? $75 is about the sweet spot for leather bags at the Fossil outlet.



      How big is the one you got?



        @Jason, nope, no outlet here unfortunately. I'll check out their bags online though; I hadn't considered Fossil.

        @Nicholas, the bag is 18" wide, haha. Thinking back I might have just gotten caught up in the sale. I spent around 250 on that last LEC sale, although I haven't returned anything yet.



          I mentioned in another thread, but I would check on They're quite reputaqble, they have a huge selection and you can filter by very specific criteria. At the very least, perhaps you can find something you like - even if you get it somewhere else. They are also having sales all the time. It's just a matter of finding the right one.

          I'm partial to this leather messenger in the light brown:

          I think it was cheaper a week or so ago ($110 or so), and will probably go on sale again if you watch it long enough, though of course I can't make any promises.



            I know it's $130, but I just got this messenger in brown, and it's pretty great. Tons of pockets, nice interior fabric.




              @jonATL, do you have the brown version of that bag?

              If so, would you mind posting a picture? Trying to get a good read on the color and the website makes it difficult.



                I checked ebags, and I liked this fossil one.


                @Jon, I like that bag but I've got my heart set on waxed canvas. The same goes for yours, Alan. I think it's because I plan on getting the Saddleback leather briefcase this summer after an internship. So I take it that everyone who suggested another bag thinks the LEC one is too big, right?



                  @osiriuso, I'll post some pics of the brown bag when I get home.

                  @run, waxed canvas, huh? I know it's not a messenger bag, but if you're ever looking for a duffle, I just got this as well:





                    That canvas Fossil one is pretty slick. I like it.



                      Off topic, but has anyone ever tried getting something that's plain canvas and waxing it using something like Barbour's thornproof dressing? Just wondering if you can turn a $25 canvas duffle into a cooler waxed canvas duffle.



                        osiriuso: Knomo bag pics:



                          @JC - I was curious about that myself (more in regard to jackets/coats than bags) so I just googled and turned up this:




                            @ben, that was cool. I'd try it if I trusted myself not to mess it up, maybe another time. I ordered the Fossil to do a side by side comparison before returning the LEC. Thanks for the suggestions guys.



                              Now I'm really tempted to try that on this:


                              What was the wax he said he was using?