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[REVIEW] (Another) Indochino Review

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    [REVIEW] (Another) Indochino Review

    Hey all, first time posting on the Dappered Threads, even though I originally discovered Dappered a few months ago! I was following Midwestyle for quite awhile (still do), but it's a bit too hipster-trendy for my taste, so Dappered is right up my alley.

    Anyway... I figured that I would post a little writeup of my Indochino experience. I'm an engineer by profession - hence the username - and don't have much need for suits at work, but a friend's wedding this past November necessitated a suit. I had heard good (and bad) things about Indochino, but I was feeling adventurous, so I decided to buy the Essential Charcoal suit.

    The measurement process was simple on their site, and the videos that are attached to each measurement are helpful. I took some measurements off of shirts I had bought from, however, which led to problems because the shirt measurements had too small of shoulder dimensions.

    Received the suit in the 4 weeks that Indochino quoted, and immediately tried it on. The suit came in a well-packed box, but had a few wrinkles. Fabric was 95% wool and 5% poly, which was perfectly acceptable to me for the purposes of a wedding, but i'll be looking strictly at 100% wool from now on. It fit alright, but I knew immediately that the measurements I took were wrong. The shoulders were too small by at least an inch, and the waist measurements were too generous for my body. I got compliments at the wedding for my appearance, but I wanted to get the suit remade with better measurements.

    I had read that Indochino tailors would often add or subtract from provided numbers arbitrarily, but I knew that the measurements I had provided were the main culprit for the suit fitting how it did. I updated all of my dimensions, especially in the shoulders, and received the remade suit in another 4 weeks.

    A note for remakes: when shipping the old suit back to Indochino's offices, make sure that you declare the value of the suit to be the same as when it came from their facilities in China. I shipped my suit back yesterday via FedEx, but forgot what the original declared value was, so I put the MSRP price... which resulted in some hefty shipping charges and duty taxes.

    I feel much more comfortable in the remade suit, especially in the shoulders, and I don't feel like i'm swimming in the hips and waist. The pants improved somewhat between the original and the remake, but I still want to get them tailored to feel a bit better; I have bigger thighs but small calves which sometimes leads to an overly tapered pant leg, and made the original's hip measurements too small. I lengthened the sleeves on the jacket by an inch between the original and the remake per my observations and my tailor's recommendations, which also helps mature the look, but i'm still not completely happy with the end result.

    I threw the pictures up on PhotoBucket, have a look if you want:

    Compare with the original try:

    The first suit had wayyyy too short of sleeves, and too narrow of shoulders, along with a tight thigh cut in the pants. The new suit improves on this drastically, but i'm not sure if i'm satisfied with the silhouette, especially in the torso. The back still suggests that the shoulders are a hint too small. On the original try, I had the 'regular' shoulder style, but on the remake, I elected for the full 'sloping' shoulder style, which I think helped a bit, but the shoulders still dimple between my arm and the padding.

    Overall, i'm happy with the experience, but not completely sure if I want to go ahead and order another suit from Indochino. The remake is an improvement, but the shoulders still are a little scary. Do you all have any suggestions for measurement tweaks if I were to go ahead and get another? I'm thinking about taking it to my tailor this week to see what he has to say; he's worked wonders on my shirts, so I trust his opinion.



    No offense man, but this and the other review have convinced me to stick with J.Crew Ludlow-fit suits...



      No offense taken. I know that there's some people who are very happy with the results with Indochino, but i'm not 100% satisfied.

      Probably going the J.Crew Ludlow + tailoring route next time too. If you found something that works, stick with it.



        I think the shoulders fit much better in the original. They're too big in the new one and that's leading to the rippling you can see in the shoulder line and in the sleeves below the sleeve head.



          The logic of an engineer. My hat is off to you sir.



            If you can, I'd return the suit for a refund. This review is proof positive that Indochino has no idea what they're doing.

            I always find it tempting to consider an Indochino suit and I am thankful for reviewers like you who save me $400.



              Yeah I agree with JC I like the fit better in the original. Or at least it appears like a cleaner look in your picture. If the sleeves weren't so short it would look like a pretty well fitting suit.

              But the fact that they got it wrong twice is pretty worrisome.



                @ frost: Actually, the real logic of an engineer should be that clothes perform two functions: warmth and modesty, and everything beyond that is unnecessary. Function over form! Efficiency!

                @ Chareth: I figured that I would give it a try , but it's becoming more of a headache than I wanted.

                @ JC & KC: My crap cell phone pictures don't really do either the original or the remake justice... I think that I was holding my shoulders back in the old picture, which made the shoulders look much better. If I held them naturally, the back was too tight. The remake received ~2" wider shoulders, and I feel much less restricted in it up top.

                What worries me more is the sleeves on the new cut - I agree, they're rippling, almost twisting.

                Went outside this morning and took some better pictures in natural light.






                Personally, I don't think that it looks awful, but the sleeves and shoulders and cut of the pants just aren't up to my liking. I'm taking it to my tailor this week to see what he has to say, but if he isn't able to help the situation, i'm heading straight to OTR for the next suit.

                Again... i've seen some fantastic results with Indochino online, but there's about 130+ pages on StyleForum that contain quite a few disasters. Buy at your own risk, I guess!



                  It's a bit better in these pics, but I'll stick with saying the shoulders are too wide. I think the extra width there is causing the pulling on the top button and the problems with the top of the sleeves.



                    I agree with Jason. It looks like the shoulders of the suit extend out past your shoulders in the remake.

                    All in all, I think it looks really good on you.



                      I see what you're saying now, Jason. I think that I was trying to avoid pulling in the sleeves with the remake, but overcompensated with too much length in the shoulders. How much would you all suggest it should come in? I'm thinking ~.25-.5" per side, but then i'm afraid of it pulling again.

                      Thanks, all!



                        If this is 2" wider than the one that was too tight then I'd say about an inch overall, so .5 per side, but it could be as much as 1.5"... Your tailor should be able to tell you.



                          Remake looks pretty good IMO. And I'm usually pretty critical of Indochino.



                            The amount of remakes and trouble that Indo or whoever causes just to get you suited up is flat out ridiculous. I urge you guys to try Proper Suit - we are the best and have offices in NYC/DC/SF/PDX for in-person fittings. The quality is pretty amazing as we started as the OEM supplier of several famous tailors on the West coast.



                              "we are the best" & "the quality is pretty amazing." Not very humble are we? Your "entry level" suit is getting close to double the price of Indochino too.

                              I think using "we are the best" as a selling point is pretty flat out ridiculous.