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    LEC Outlet Store

    I realized yesterday that I drive past a Lands End Inlet store every day. Essentially my mom's kind of place. But the thought crossed my mind that they might have a few LEC items there.

    Mind. Blown. They had a whole section with a jeans for $9.50 and polos for $8.50. Shorts in every size for $14. I am on a self-imposed clothes purchasing hiatus, but I grabbed so stuff for my brother (that's okay, right?) and will definitely make a note to return in March when I'm back on the juice.

    There's another Inlet on the other side of Milwaukee, a full-blown LEC store in Madison and two inside of Sears stores in Chicagoland. Guess this is a perk of being close to their HQ.


    Got this for $39.50 as an overstock. They had one with a ripped tag (inside, no external flaws) for $49. Obvious decision there...



      I am super jealous. Those are sweet prices, and that's a sweet trench for just $40. There was a factory seconds outlet and some "inlets" near where I used to live in the Twin Cities. Where I live now, there are only some Sears that carry Land's End stuff, and I'm not sure they carry Canvas at all. Sigh.




        Umm...wanna proxy purchase for me?



          I wrestled with offering that in my original post. lol

          No promises, but you can post what you're looking for, and I'll see of they have it. This is almost all last years stuff. I couldn't find the peacoat on their site - the pic is lifted from an Oct. 2009 GQ post.

          Their heritage items like the washed and mesh polos are there.



            One thing that pleasantly surprised me was the sizing availability. Limited colors and all, but they were S-XL instead of the usual XS then skip to XL experience that I often find at our outlet stores! Could be a result of so many catalog/online returns or not-quite-perfect flaws like the ripped tag versus have leftovers from chains of stores that couldn't sell odd sizes.

            Here's what I got:

            From the labels:

            -COTTON PEA COAT LIGHT KHAKI $39, originally $99.50

            -SPRNG BRSHD TWL WR RICH RED MLT $17, originally $49.50

            -SS HERITAGE TEE INDIGO BLU HT (I grabbed the last of this color) $9.50, originally $19.50

            -SS VINTAGE JRSY PO WHITE $9, originally $24.50



              Nice! That is an awesome pea coat.



                So. Jealoous.

                Any Oxford OCBDs?



                  Yes, in blue.



                    Super jealous here!

                    Great finds!



                      I drive by the two Canvas stores and Inlets in the Chicagoland on my way back from work. Requests will be entertained, but no promises.



                        25% off Canvas sale. Holy crap. Anything you want. Jeans for $7.50. Mesh polos for $11. Suede chukka for $22.

                        I might need to change my underwear. Hope they sell that too.



                          So. Jealous.

                          I live in NYC, retail center of the universe, and we have only one regular LE store inside of a Sears.



                            Yeah I only have a LE inside a Sears near me also. If there was a Canvas store near me I'd be there every day.



                              WTF...why do i have to live in Boston...GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Thanks TOny! LOL


                              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"