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Majesco Entertainment Has Ample Room To Continue Its Run

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    Majesco Entertainment Has Ample Room To Continue Its Run

    It was a rather calm investing year for me in 2011. After looking at my yearly statement, I realized I only made one purchase for the year. Shortly before Christmas I purchased shares of video game maker Majesco Entertainment (COOL).Now I know what you’re thinking, why did I not make more trades on the year? Despite constantly recommending shares of companies I follow, I did not have the time or ever pull the trigger on any of my recommendations. My job keeps me working long hours and away from a computer during market trading. I place limit orders RuneScape Gold sometimes while I am working, but enjoy being home and able to see when I buy stock.

    Even though some financial analysts have recommended keeping a portion of assets in cash, I decided against it for the new year. With the small amount of cash that was sitting in my account I chose to make one last trade before Christmas. My decision this time around centered around two companies I had recommended in the prior two months: Majesco Entertainment and Zynga (ZNGA).

    Prior to its highly anticipated initial public offering, I discussed 5 positives and 5 negatives in an investment in Zynga . In the article

    I buy runescape gold made a bullish case for shares based on five key points:

    Users' Activity

    Growing Revenue

    Number One Market Position


    Addictive, Easy-to-Play Games

    Shares priced at $10 the night before the company when public, and I believed they would shoot up to $18 to $20 the following morning when Zynga made its public market debut. I called a target price of $15 and under as a good entry point. When shares traded for around $10 the opening day they immediately came on my radar, and I almost pulled the trigger several times, but ultimately didn't. Instead, in December I made a small purchase of shares in Buy Runescape accounts Majesco Entertainment.

    Majesco Entertainment is a small video game maker that develops games for platforms, handheld devices, and social networks. The company is best known now for its two Zumba Fitness motion-capture games. The key reason I bought shares of the company centers around these two successful games and many of the points I brought up in my previous article: Zumba Fitness Craze Makes Majesco Entertainment Stock Look Undervalued.

    Zumba Fitness was released in November 2010 for the Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3, and Microsoft XBOX 360. The game capitalized on two trending ideas: motion-captured gaming and the Zumba fitness craze. Zumba is a type of workout that combines dancing with aerobics. Majesco developed the game to give video gamers and casual players an opportunity to work out at home with the help of the game. The first game has sold over 5.5 million copies around the world across all platforms. International sales of the game have been strong, with over 2 million copies sold, and are handled by other gaming companies who pay Majesco a royalty.

    The follow-up, Zumba Fitness 2, was released November 17, 2011 for the Nintendo Wii. The game Free Runescape accounts allowed players to track calories burned directly on screen while working out. The game has sold over 600,000 copies after seven weeks on the market. The game still is receiving strong sales and should cross the million copy mark soon.