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    Who here shops at Uniqlo?

    I've only been there once, when I was visiting a friend in Brooklyn a few months ago. It's wild, kind of a lot take in at once. There's 3 floors, escalators, elevators - it's like a whole mall shrunken down to a store.

    They were running a STORE OPENING sale at the time, and selling $9.99 jeans. I didn't feel like fighting the dressing room crowds, so I just ended up buying argyle socks at about $4.50/par. The socks are nice, the Argyle pattern is minimalistic but I like the feel & quality of the fabric.

    For the most part, other than the Denim sale, their pricing seemed pretty standard. $30 for a button up flannel, $200 for a premium blazer, $40 for sweaters. On par with most other retailers they'd be competing with IMO.

    My one complaint - the store is so huge, I wish they carried more accessories and diversified more. It felt like 95% of what they were selling was either outwear or pants. Overall the selection was very monotonous, even though there was a ton of it. Something like ties for instance, (I've seen Uniqlo ties in GQ) they didn't carry.

    Anybody else have experiences with the store?


    good denim, good (cheap) cashmere sweaters.



      I've been once, the in-store experience was pretty cool, but I found the selection pretty bland. If I needed basics (sweaters, shirts, etc) I'd go, but I didn't see much that was all that visually interesting. I guess the flip side of this is the fashion-y stuff at H&M which is very hit or miss (on style and quality). It did seem like they focused on using natural fibers more than their competitors, which I liked. They had a decent wool suit for like $200 with a good slim fit I'd probably buy if I needed one.



        I shop at Uniqlo, but not in the US. I've been to the ones in Japan multiple times and still have a lot of their stuff in my closet.

        Uniqlo is the Japanese version of Old Navy/Gap. It's really cheap/useful for basics in slim/small sizes and has a great rotating T-shirt gallery (like in Old Navy), but that's about it. My understanding from a friend who has been to both a Japanese and the New York store is the US offerings are low-key and bland and are only a fraction of what you can get a Japanese Uniqlo.

        Their Heattech products are good bang for the buck; I still have T-shirts, sweaters, athletic wear, socks, and underwear from there. I wasn't a fan of the cut of their pants; I never really paid attention to their cashmere stuff but have since heard good things about them too. I'll need to take a look the next time I'm in Japan.



          Yeah I shop at Uniqlo pretty regularly.

          They are great for basics as Tony said. I buy socks, underwear, I remember I just stopped in one day to pick up a t-shirt for 5 bucks.

          They pretty much cover all the staples too, from jeans to suits. I did go to the grand openings of the new flagship stores in New York and I was overwhelmed, but if you go two three times it's kinda like grocery shopping.