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    things about Runescape you do

    So. It occurred to me today that I tend to include RuneScape in most blog posts I have about multitasking, things I like, and other random nonsensical posts of the like. So I have decided to let you in on what exactly this game is, and the in and outs of gameplay.

    RuneScape is an MMORPG. In non-gamer that means: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. (I will try to make sense of the gamer jargon and translate for you all.) RuneScape is offered in two versions. Free to Play, and Members. Members requires buying a Membership card (found in most stores) and a Membership card will allow you access to other parts of the world which Free to Play players RuneScape Gold are not allowed in.

    The Basics: In RuneScape, you do 4 general actions.

    Fight- Goblins, giants, spiders, cows, barbarians, zombies, knights, guards, sewer rats, and other players (only in the Wilderness.)Pick things up- The enemies you defeat drop objects, and coins.Sell things- Sell the things you pick up at the Bank for money. You can store items for later at the Bank.Quest- Go on quests in the game. Involves running errands and doing deeds for certain game-controlled characters.

    When you start out, you design a character and are thrown into a world where you can do just about anything you like. You have a couple Rs Gold choices to give your gaming experience some direction, but you can choose abandon all options and do your own thing. That’s cool too.

    Skiller: Someone who is a low combat level, but has high skill levels.

    Main: If someone tells you that their ‘Main’ could kick your butt, believe them. Mains are characters with high Combat levels, often in the 90-120 range in the Free World.Combat Pure: Someone who achieves all the statistics they need to stay at a certain Combat level.Runescape items

    Quester: A generally lower level player that strives to finish every quest.

    Janitor: Think of this one as a sort of virtual ho-bo. Janitors go around an pick up items that other players leave on the ground, from their monster kills or from discarding it from their inventory.I personally can not categorize myself. As I said, you can abandon all these notions and do your own thing, which I what I have.Runescape money

    done. I have some high skill levels and some low skill levels. (I blame the absence of patience.) I only have one account, so my character will someday be a high level Main. I have no use for quests. I enjoy being a janitor. Especially in dungeons. (38 coins are 38 coins, you don’t want them? Fine, mine now. I will slowly get rich and you will someday be a Main with no money. Fine by me.)

    Let me explain the options on the top and bottom of the panel to the right.

    Top: (from left) Combat Styles, Task List, Stats (levels), Quest Log, Inventory, Worn Equipment, Prayer List, Magic Spellbook

    Bottom: Friends List, Friends Chat, Clan Chat, Options, Emotes, Music Player, Notes.

    Ahh yes, I see you have notices the “Friends” and “Friends Chat” options. This is how RuneScape becomes a social game. You can add other players to this list and talk to them in-game to team up for quests, get help with something, or get advice.You can also join a “Clan” but this is often something higher level players do, and so I won’t do much more than mention its existence at the runescape gold

    So what does the game screen look like you ask.Alrighty blue haired chick with the gold trimmed shield is me. And here, I’m fighting a Hill Giant. The graphics are pretty good for a Free to Play game, although I know they are better if you make the game higher resolution. I can’t do that sadly because my computer just can’t handle it and overheats.Well. That’s all there really is to RuneScape. Very straight forward game, simple enough to toy with, and the graphics are pretty good. My mom made the point that if you change RuneScape to RunEscape you have a pretty good idea of what you should do… because this game is a bit of a death trap for your time and bits of your soul. I don’t cheap runescape gold really mind though. It’s a nice mindless way to pass the time, and easy to multitask Buy Runescape accountswith.