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Which J.Crew Sportcoat?

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    Which J.Crew Sportcoat?

    So I've been looking for a nice tweed or herringbone sportcoat for a while now and I've finally narrowed it down to these two. I've been going back and forth on which one to get so I want some more opinions.

    This one in heather charcoal? ~~~~~/17972.jsp

    Or this one in charcoal herringbone? ~~~~~/17569.jsp

    Which would be more versatile? This will be my main cool weather blazer. I feel like the shoulders seem a little more relaxed on the tweed and the material seems to be a little less stiff on the tweed, but I really like the herringbone pattern as well. Any advice?


    I'd say the first. The lighter grey will be easier to pair IMO and I really like the texture.



      I agree. Lighter is easier in this case, but both are great looking.



        I think mid grey is the better option of the two. You can rock mid grey with just about anything, including black pants, while charcoal with black would look a little funky.




          Thanks I was already leaning towards the lighter one so I'm leaning more heavily now. I'll make a final decision tomorrow.

          Any backers for the darker herringbone pattern out there?



            Here is a cheaper alternative if you are interested. Its fitted enough to no need tailoring me:




              I picked up a very similar jacket over new years sale at macys.

     3DBar%20III%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D3%26ruleId%3D66%26slo tId%3D2

              I'm very pleased with it, specially when I combined coupons to receive this 350 price tag at measly 99. Its very unstructured with very very minimal shoulder padding, and for 99 dollars, it feels great, has a nice tweed feel. Looks great with black pants, lighter grey pants, blue ect. Even jeans.



                I've looked at that Gap Herringbone blazer (it says out of stock but I'm assuming that's what you linked too) a lot but I've never seen it in my size. They have been out of everything other than like 46R for like a month now. I'm looking for a 36s and I've tried on the Ludlow fit before and I know it fits very well everywhere but the sleeves are a tad long.

                The Macys one looks pretty nice too I just tend to have trouble finding 36s in store or online there.



                  First one gets my vote!

                  I have a very similar jacket from jcrew to that one, it might even be the same one. I have to check.

                  the material is much lighter than normal tweed. its much softer and easier to move in. I was little unsure about the lightness of the color but I think it makes sense for versatility.

                  I ended up getting the vent closed by my tailor. a personal preference of course.



                    I own that first one and I'm a big fan. After trying out both in person I did like the material better--it's a lighter, less prickly tweed when compared to the herringbone one. I got the sides taken in a bit and now I wear it all the time. I don't think that anything at J Crew is really worth full retail but if you can get it at a good discount (like now) I think it is a much better alternative than the cheaper options presented.

                    You can see it here too:


           - my blog



                      I went with the first one. I've been looking for a nice sportcoat for a while and I was able to get this at $186 with the final sale code (even though it's not a final sale item).

                      Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to finally having a blazer that I like and feel fits me well.



                        Ah.. a fellow attackmen. I purchased the same jacket about a month ago. First one I ordered was too small (I got a 40S in attempt to save on tailoring, which fit me like a little brother's jacket.. then received one with a messed up rear vent (just bad luck on that I guess). Finally got the replacement today, and I'm very happy with it. Very comfortable and versatile.