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Best place to find a navy blazer?

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    Best place to find a navy blazer?

    Any suggestions on where to find a navy blazer that meets these requirements?

    1. slim fitting

    2. horn or black buttons (I hate the brass/silver preppy look)

    3. very lightly padded shoulders

    4. average lapel width and button stance (don't want the trendy super high button stance)

    5. notch lapels

    6. under $300 or so


    Did you look at the post Joe has up at Dappered? J Crew has some blazers that are way less than that.



      Here's a blue at Brooks Brothers: 307&Product_Id=1608788&Parent_Id=305&default_color =NAVY&sort_by=&sectioncolor=&sectionsize=40%20Regu lar

      Here's a true navy, a bit over $300, but looks nice: 307&Product_Id=1482496&Parent_Id=305&default_color =NAVY&sort_by=&sectioncolor=&sectionsize=40%20Regu lar

      The buttons there look more pewter and don't really stand out too much



        Besides thrifting options, I would recommend the blazer I got from LEC.

        For an off the rack, the fit is amazing. It is a trim, tailored fit, without looking too trendy. Not in stock in many sizes right now, but if you can wait, coupled with a sales promotion, it may just be the best, affordable option.



          If all options are on the table, I saw some navy Lauren by Ralph Lauren blazers at Marshalls yesterday for $100, though YMMV.



            I have this one, and I'm extremely happy with it:




              You'll need to swap out the buttons on the LEC blazer. The fit is great, but the buttons look and feel cheap. Nothing a quick search on eBay can't fix though...



                @madtown862 Agreed. The buttons will need to be swapped but that's a quick, cheap and easy fix! I will be taking mine to the tailor to swap them with some horn buttons.



                  Go take a look at Savers. I saw a bunch of NWT blazers and sportcoats from Lauren RL, Chaps, Nautica, and even Alan Flusser... All $24.99. Some weren't too bad... Several were cashmere or silk.



                    You could try this one... Weird (and probably incorrect) measurements but $70 for a RLPL blazer is a great price:




                      Can't go w/ the LEC blazer for 2 reasons: (1) only comes in regular, not short. (sometimes I am regular, sometimes short). (2) functional button cuffs = very expensive tailoring to fix the sleeves which I would 100% have to do



                        frost: how's the length on the JCrew blazer? I was looking at that one. Trying to decide between regular and short @ 5'9. (In most suit jackets I'm a 38s, but for sportcoats/blazers that run trendier I sometimes wear a regular).



                          Zero: I'm 5'9" - 170 lbs. slim / athletic build, and the 40R fits perfect. Had to have the sleeves tailored, but that's it. Honestly, I love the jacket. It was expensive side for a jacket, but I get nothing but compliments when I wear it.



                            Frost - cool. I'll check it out. The biggest issue with most mall brand blazers is that they shoulders run a bit large for me (usually 18" in 38 when I need around 17-17.5)



                              zerostyle, I have the same problem. It seems like nobody makes 36 for us.

                              I had to return a jacket to gap because all their 38s are too big.

                              Club monaco has stuff for us but they are quite price.

                              Let me know if you find anything as I am looking for a blazer too