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    I would personally skip the black shoes and black trousers and instead get a second pair of brown shoes (walnut, cognac, ect), one wingtip, one oxford, and a patterned trouser in grey (houndstooth, herringbone, windowpane, glenplaid). Throw a charcoal sportcoat in there as well and have interesting buttons (horn or mop) put on the navy suit so you can wear it as a jacket as well.

    For the shirts, get a white spread collar buttonup, a white ocbd, light blue spread collar buttonup, white with blue checks spread collar, and maybe a light pink spread collor buttonup or a gingham of sorts (navy, purple).

    Those should keep you solid for some time while you continue to build your wardrobe


      Go to TJ maxx and Marshall's in nicer areas. Higher income demographic areas. I found a ton of RLPL and black label cheap. 100% cashmere knit tie, button downs, RLPL suits but none in my size yet.


        The biggest determining factor is what you need out of your wardrobe. A casual guy working construction and an executive need very different wardrobes, so some background about yourself would help.

        However, assuming you work in a business casual environment and want a versatile wardrobe for a young professional, here's what I'd buy with $1500.

        - 1 Suit
        - 1 Blazer
        - 6 Dress Shirts
        - 2 Sweaters
        - 4 Pairs of Pants (1 pair of dark jeans, 3 pairs of wool pants in varying colors and weights)
        - 2 Pairs of Shoes (I'd recommend a dark brown captoe balmoral and a medium brown blucher)
        - 3 Ties (1 pin dot, 1 repp stripe, and one very dark Grenadine)
        - 2 Polos
        - 1 Pair of Khaki Shorts (assuming you wear them)
        - 6 Undershirts (assuming you wear them)
        - 6 Solid Color Tshirts (casual wear)
        - 6-8 Pairs of Boxer Briefs
        - 6-8 Pairs of Socks

        You can easily make all of those happen with quality goods if you take your time searching big sales, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, and eBay.
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          God I need to trim my wardrobe after reading the last post.


            Originally posted by Brent k View Post
            God I need to trim my wardrobe after reading the last post.
            Hah it's all good. I'm big on wardrobe minimalization, but it's not for everyone.

            The template I listed above is the foundation I was shooting for when I started my consolidation. It's the bare minimum I think most people could reasonably get away with, but does limit some options. In the end, I added a few pieces to it (2 more suits, 2 more sweaters, 3-4 pairs of shoes, 5 Ties, and 2 Polos), but the idea is still there.


              It's a great idea. Would make for a lot of closet space...maybe my gf could actually find some space in my closet. I really don't need 12 pairs of jeans or 50 button downs. Might start a large for sale thread.