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    What kinda of briefcases do you guys own?

    Here is what I am considering:

    1. My heart wants a Filson 256 or 257

    But at around $250, that is pretty steep amount for a canvas bag(although it should last me a lifetime)

    2. LL. Bean carries a pretty good one in their Marine Guide Briefcase

    It will be 30% cheaper and could go down even further with a coupon

    3. I just discovered this company yesterday, Duluth Trading. Maybe I live under a rock but I have never heard of them. They seem to carry quality products that are similar to filson but at 1/3 of the price.

    Their Roughrider briefcase intrigues me and is at the right price

    So which bag would you consider? I am going to have a 15" laptop and would like to carry a binder or two and accessories.


    I guess it depends on how formal it is where you're using it. None of those are particularly formal, but formal cases can be boring, anyway.

    My favorite of those that you listed is the LL Bean, but I would get it in the leather option to class it up a bit. You could still use it anywhere casually, but it would also not look terribly out of place in the boardroom.

    Unfortunately, it does not offer laptop support. If you're carrying a laptop, you'll dfinitely want something with either a removeable sleeve or a padded inner compartment. I suppose yuo cuold always buy a separate sleeve, but make sure that the laptop will still fit into the case with the sleeve on it.

    While it doesn't scream "sexy", this is what I use. It's classy and it's built like a tank. I've been using it daily for 3 years now (I'm a software developer and in grad school so it goes EVERYWHERE with me), and it's still as nice as the day I took the tags off. Of course, it was a gift, and I would never spend that much on a bag for myself:

    This one on eBags gets good marks: id=86786467&cawelaid=433386018

    I like this one even more:

    If you haven't done it already, consider spending some time on eBags. They're reputable and they carry a huge selection from multiple makers. Plus, the customer feedback on their products is invaluable when trying to pick something and their search feature is very robust.



      The more I look at the Kenneth Cole that I posted above, the more I like it. I think if I were buying something today, that's what I would be getting. It's got good looks, it's formal enough when it needs to be, it carries a laptop, it's get a functional top handle and it gets FANTASTIC reviews from hundreds of reviewers.

      If leather is just not you're thing, and you want something in canvas, make sure it can handle the abuse. These are cool even though they are full-on messenger style bags:

      This one in olive:

      In the end, though, it's a highly personal decision and there are thousands out there to choose from. Just make sure that it's versatile for your environment (you can always take a nice one to a dump but can't take a dumpy one somewhere nice), durable to handle the weight (another reason leather and ballistic nylon are good options), and not only fits the laptop, but cradles it.



        Well - I got a leather messenger bag for Christmas, which is more than formal enough to use as a briefcase here in the Wild West where I intend to practice law. (I've seen lawyers in court with Timbuk2 messenger bags so obviously it's not a high standard.)

        This summer I was borrowing a briefcase of my mom's from Orvis. It was all leather and made in the US so I'm guessing she got it quite a while ago. They still have some nice options, though, including a bullhide leather and a more affordable canvas alternative.

        My brother has that Filson bag (or one very similar to it) and it looks very nice and rugged - but it will look even better in about 10 years.

        I like that L.L. Bean one as well, and it's a good investment due to their lifetime guarantee. I like Duluth Trading Co but that bag, particularly its shape, just isn't doing anything for me. It looks more like some tool bags my dad has than a briefcase.




          Hey Alan,

          I love the Tumi that you suggested, but at that price I might as well get a Filson.

          I don't need a bag too formal yet, as this bag will mostly be used for class.

          I guess Im pretty set on the filson, I was trying to see if anyone can persuade not to get it



            That's a slick messenger bag you have there, BenR! It's incredibly similar to the KCR leather messenger that I mentioned above, except it's a little more formal with the buckles and leather strap. I think I like it more than the KCR, but I'm afraid to ask what it costs. :-)

            I'd take a handled messenger over a full briefcase any day of the week. I've always liked the look.




              Oh, I'd never recommend actually BUYING the Tumi. :-)

              As for the Filson you pointed out, it's a very case, but just be cautious for two things:

              1.) I can't speak for the long-term relability of canvas, but I'm sure it's more prone to fraying than ballistic nylon or leather.

              2.) Carefully consider that ramifications of spending big money on ANY bag that lasts a lifetime if you stand the chance of retiring it when you graduate. You might be throwing away money when you can find a bag at half the price that DOESN'T have to last forever. (The caveat would be in finding a bag that's formal enough to use after graduation.)