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How do you shrink a sweater just a little without ruining it?

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    How do you shrink a sweater just a little without ruining it?

    The title pretty much says it all. How do you shrink a sweater just a little without ruining it?

    I have several sweaters and sweater vests that are just a bit loose on me. They fit around the should and arms, but the body is just a little larger than I'd like.

    They're primarily cotton (if that makes a difference). And I'm not trying to shrink by a full size or two. I just want them more fitted. Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Please only offer up suggestions that have successfully worked for you. These are basically new sweaters, and I don't want to destroy them.


    I have no suggestions but I would worry that the parts that fit well would also shrink.



      Well the parts that fit well are along seams like the shoulders and the overal length. For what it's worth, they're sweater vests I don't have to worry about arm length. They're just kind of baggy around the mid-section.



        return and try a smaller size? you said they are new. Other than that, try a dryer for 10 minutes.



          I just did this, just soak in water and then throw in the dryer and check it frequently to make sure it doesn't go too far. I wouldn't worry about shrinking too much, mine shrunk perfectly and then stretched right back out after a wear or two. I have learned to buy sweaters small because they always stretch a bunch



            For what it's worth, they're cotton sweaters. And I've worn them both so I can't return them. I'll try the soak/dryer approach on warm. I'm afraid of using too much heat but I figure cool won't help much, either.



              Kinda hard to wreck a cotton sweater.



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