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Would you wear a pupleish Pendleton coat?

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    Before reading any of this, I was looking at a woman's coat this morning and noticed how it's different than a man's dress coat because it flares substantially from the waist to the hem. I was thinking, as long as your coat doesn't do that, you should be okay. Then I saw the picture, and it seems to confirm that - like Alan said, the bell shape.



      Thanks for the comments. The bell shape does make it look feminine, though, as you say I would think a tailor should be able to straighten out that flaring. THere was also this other topcoat that my mom says is hers. It's black double breasted with a much lower final button (sidenote: Did not know that button level was more or less feminine/masculine). It seemed more of a straighter cut, and laying the black one over the purple one still revealed the bottom of the purple. To me, the pictures do not seem to show as much bell-ing, though I welcome your opinions.

      My reservations about this one are first that I prefer a higher set of buttons, since it feels like that would keep you warmer. Maybe I'm Second, though it might not be noticeable until that closeup, there's an extra piece of material on the shoulders. Perhaps that was the style whenever this was purchased, but I'm not crazy about it.

      Overall, I actually prefer the feel of the purple coat, if only I could fix it so it didn't look so feminine. ONce again, appreciate your time!




        Well to be fair, the button placement is as much my opinion as it is my observations. I'm not sure what the set rules are (or if there are any), but it just seems to me that women's buttons end at a higher mark than men's.

        It wouldn't be about high the top button is, though. It would be about how low the bottom button is. Women's waistlines are higher so it stands to reason that their buttons would end higher.

        Do this caot's buttons extend to your belt line? If so, then I expect that you're fine. Otherwise, since you would have to replace the buttons anyway, why not just add one more?



          the button placement for me was just for the black one, not the purple one. And I wasn't planning on changing the buttons on the black one.



            meh...I kinda like it. reference previous strange style choices of mine, however.

            as BenR has mentioned elsewhere, however, it's easier to get away with strange crap when you're a pretty big dude...the smaller you are, the fluffier stuff can look on you.