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Indochino review/tailoring questions

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    Indochino review/tailoring questions

    I posted this over at MFA on Reddit here:

    Here are the pics:

    Copy pasta from Reddit:

    The review: PRO: The quality feels better than an OTR suit. It feels better than the Joseph A Bank suit I own. The pant waist was spot on, the length a bit long but not that off. The suit sleeves are a touch long (probably just took my shirt sleeve length and didn't subtract any off). That's an easy fix. At about 260 per suit, it feels like its worth more.

    CON: It just doesn't look like its worth more. I'm not sure how to describe what's wrong with the jacket, but it doesn't sit well. Its like it has [1] wings.

    Tailoring questions: Is it the supression of the waist that ruins the flow of the [2] back and causes the weird areas in the [3] front by my [4] armpits?

    Are these fixable through a tailor? I can still send it back for a remake.

    My measurements: Ht: 5'8", Wt: 185

    Jacket (in): Length: 29.25 Chest: 41.75 Stomach: 38 Hips: 44 Shoulder: 19.25 Sleeve: 23.75 Bicep: 14 Wrist: 8.75

    Pants (in): Length: 39.25 Waist: 36.5 Crotch: 27.75 Hips: 43.5 Thigh: 26 Knee: 17.75

    Thanks for the help!


    Wow, that doesn't fit well at all.

    The shoulders are too wide. The arm holes are WAY too big and too low. It's too big I think around the chest, but then a bit tight around the middle.

    The biggest problem is the balance, I think. The front is higher than the back. Either you hold your shoulders back or the suit was cut for someone who hunches forward (I think it's the 2nd).

    I'm not sure what's wrong with the pants, but something is....

    Take your pics over to the Tailor's thread on SF. They have some of the best tailors in the US answering questions about this stuff. I've learned a lot reading that thread.



      Thanks Jason.

      I've posted over at SF and I'll probably end up sending those pics to Indochino as well as whatever suggestions I get (higher armholes is #1, #2 is probably going from a rope shoulder to a natural shoulder).

      Needless to say, I was excited by the quality of the material and look of the suit in the box, and then disappointed by the fit. At least I have the time to send it back to be remade. I'm gonna go read through that 2nd SF tailor thread to grab more ideas.



        The armholes are so terrible that I'm now convinced to never buy a suit from Indochino. Sorry for the negativity.

        Did you choose the "high armholes" option? Make sure to do that next time, if you can.

        In the future, at least give OTR suits a shot. At 5'8", 185lbs your build is pretty standard and it wouldn't be that difficult to find something decent. It might be tedious, but ultimately less of a headache I would think.



          There was no option for high armholes (I believe they removed that choice). When I send it back to be remade, I'll ask for them.

          For some reason OTRs aren't a great fit on me. I usually run into one of two problems :1) The Regular is too long or 2) the shoulders on a Short don't fit right.



            I was thinking about Indochino for my next suit (first suit since becoming "fit enlightened"), but I think I've read too many bad experiences. I guess I'll try OTR now. I just really want a handy do-everything suit for job interviews and weddings, etc. Even my slimmest fitting, flat-front Jos A. Bank suit looks frumpy now that I know what a suit is supposed to look like.



              I also have a JAB suit. The Indochino suit (on the hanger) looks 1000X better and it feels like a much nicer suit.

              I was prepared for the possibility of some rework, and as much as I am an "I want it now" type of person... I'm surprisingly ok with waiting to get this one right.

              I really hope that they can straighten out the jacket (which will probably involve me having to give very detailed instructions).



                jose - try a bonobos suit. i picked up the pembroke and the fitting for me is as good as ive found for otr and im sure you know there are always good coupon codes available. they have great return/shipping policies as well.

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                  How would you describe the button stance on Bonobos suits? I have a Bonobos blazer that I like with high button stance. I think it passes for a blazer, but I'd be hesitant to have that on a suit.



                    It's hard to take Bonobos suiting or blazers seriously when they don't even bother to carry tall sizes.



                      button stance doesnt seem high to me. im just under 6 feet 155. no need for tall either.

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