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What color blazers?

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    What color blazers?

    Hi All,

    I almost can never find a suit that fits me well OTR. Heavy alterations are usually needed. So I am looking to get 2-3 bespoke blazers/sportcoats. I am wondering what colors do you think would be best... I was leaning towards grey, black, and khaki. Thoughts?

    Also, I am in Southern California so it's often warm and I was wondering if ti would be worthwhile to have one of the blazers be cotton? Or would it be a waste to pay for the expense of customizing something made out of cotton?

    Thanks for any input.


    Cotton/linen blend, or straight linen, is an awesome jacket, ESP in light colors (off- white to khaki), for warmer climates (I have several for here in FL), particularly if you're going more casual, with jeans.

    Aside from that, I'd get a blue. I hate black blazers, and think they look cheap and waiterish. Black, as a friend of mine says, is for wedding and funerals. However, I'm in a minority here on that point, it appears. Charcoal would work almost everywhere black will, and in a lot of places black won't.

    Maybe a light grey, too? Not sure what you want the jackets for, or what you'll be wearing them with, but tan, blue/navy, and charcoal would do work.



      What Shawn said. Cotton/linen in an off-white is rocking, especially for warm weather. Navy. And I would say a lighter gray, but charcoal would work as well. That is in order of preference, as well.

      I agree on the black front. If I were getting bespoke blazers I wouldn't touch black personally.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        The two basic colors for suits and blazers are charcoal and navy. Black is too harsh on most skin tones. I think a mid grey, especially in a subtle pattern like glen check, is a sophisticated option to replace either of those two. Since you live in such a warm climate, I think it would be a smart investment to get a cotton or cotton/linen blazer. You will have a lot more opportunity to wear it than most of us. :-)




          agree with the above. cotton and/or linen. off white/tan, navy, mid grey.



            It also depends on your coloring... I've recently figured out that with my olive complexion I should stay away from khaki and anything with a yellow undertone. However, my chocolate brown cord blazer looks great on me.

            In general navy and medium grey will be good colors for everyone. Black can be tough to pull off. Khaki looks good with most people and is pretty easy to match, but it's not for everyone.