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The haul (results from my recent shopping spree)

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    The haul (results from my recent shopping spree)

    With the aid of this site (found it 2 weeks ago) and a budget of $500, this is what I've come up with. I should also mention that I used an existing $54 credit to Eddie Bauer and $50 BR gift card that are not included in the budget. In addition, I received 5 ties from my mom that belonged to my late step-dad (including two "holiday" ties) as well as a denim jacket, 2 shirts, and 2 ties that were Christmas gifts.

    Bare in mind that I'm starting from very little, and this is a jump-start. Overall, my closet is nothing to envy since it's been 2 years since I've bought any clothes and most of my shoes had holes so big I could reach in and poke my feet. This picture represents the bulk of my new "initiative" into proper dress. I was just feeling pretty good about the haul and just had to brag a little - not so much about all the new stuff I have, but about how far I was able to stretch the budget. :-)


    9 shirts

    9 ties

    2 sweater vests

    2 sweaters

    1 dark corduroy blazer

    1 denim jacket

    2 grey patterned pants

    4 pairs of shoes (casual oxfords, black slip-ons, boat shoes, canvas sneakers)

    1 leather-banded watch

    Not pictured (on back order or more recently purchased):

    1 pair grey wool pants

    1 chino blazer

    1 brownish herringbone blazer

    Everything was bought from the following stores (except for the herringbone blazer from Goodwill):

    Banana Republic

    Eddie Bauer

    Lands End / Lands End Canvas



    Neiman Marcus Last Call


    I probably wouldn't wear the dress on the right in public.

    haha, blazer selection sounds good though.



      LOL That's my wife's stuff. We're both cleaning out the closet this weekend, and she went on her own shopping spree. I did notice you say you wouldn't wear it "in public" though. Does that mean you'd wear the dress in private? :-P



        ...depending on what the girl asking looked like, I'd wear it on request.



          Now off to the tailor!

          You want to be sure the sleeve length of the jacket shows a little shirt cuff and that that bodies of the shirts fit well. The pants should break the way you want them on your shoes.

          For a second tier of importance, wax your entire body for when you wear the dress. Then look at getting the bodies of the jackets tailored, if need be. And the waist of the pants so that they can be worn without a belt. Actually, try a hot water wash before doing that (not with the wool pants, though).

          Good range of shoe choices.



            Yeah, I've never visited a tailor in my life, but I need to have a few items fitted, including things I already own. Both of my existing suits and a blazer need to come up on the sleeves and I have a pair of jeans that need hemming.

            As for pants... I've about giving up on finding non-pleated pants that actually fit me right. I have always had very muscular upper legs (not gonaa say I have "huge thighs" because that sounds kind of girly) compared to my waist so when I find something that fits my waist, it's often to skinny in the legs. I'm going to start paying more attention to how a tailor might be able to help me in this situation. I'm also abandoning the search for trim fit pants. Style doesn't matter if you can't get into the clothes. :-P

            BTW, thanks on the shoes. :-) You'll notice the glaringly obvious omission of a pair of brown dress shoes. I already own a functioning pair that I still get occassional compliments on, and I'd like to eventually upgrade to a pair of high-end shoes so I don't want to settle into something cheap right now.



              @Alan, have you tried Bonobos pants? That's pretty much exactly what they were designed for. Also dockers have a variety of fits that are not pleated and may work. Levi's 501 straight fits are another option.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                If I recall, I tried on a pair of Levi's 501 jeans a couple days ago. I don't know if they come in different cuts, but they were tight around my legs, even after going up 2 inches in the waist.



                  That was my first thought after putting on 501's, but after wearing them for a day, the fit begins to feel more natural. Not so much tight in my legs but in my crotch. Now that feels normal - not saying you'll have the same reaction, but I did.

                  There are other jean makers to experiment with too that might have larger thighs paired with smaller waists. I'd try anything so that you can stay away from anything described as "relaxed fit through the seat and thigh".