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What do you want this year? 2012 edition

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    What do you want this year? 2012 edition

    In the spirit of New Year, I thought it'd be interesting to post what pieces of clothing we intend to buy in the next year. It should be interesting to come back to at the end of the year, and see how successful we were. I'll start things off...

    1) Allen Edmonds Kenilworth in Walnut.

    looks absolutely beautiful, and at the moment the only dress shoes I own are some black Stacy Adams from sophomore year in high school..

    2) A grey suit. I'm a 36r which makes things rather difficult... may have to head over to Indochino, which will set me back a fair amount, but I want at least one well fitting suit.

    3) Barbour Liddesdale Jacket.

    A fall/spring jacket for when it's too warm for my peacoat, but too cold for a sweater. I'm leaning towards the olive green colour.


    I would like to obtain one more suit and a pair of high-quality, brown dress shoes. I'm trying to leave my options as open as possible to take advantage of deals where I can find them.



      I'm similar to you Matt -

      1. Definitely want to pick up a walnut pair of Allen Edmonds. I started off wanting the Clifton, then the Fifth Avenue but since I have a black and dark brown pair of Kenneth Coles that should still last a good bit, I'm looking for a more casual lighter brown shoe. I think I'm going to save on my budget and only really aim to get one pair of AE's this year, The Strands:

      2. A well fitting suit in gray or navy. I'm even harder to fit into things since I'm 36S, but even then some cuts are too big on me. I'm 5'5 and so it's tough sometimes getting that trim look without looking like I'm a child wearing his father's clothes. I might have to give Indochino a look if there's a sale.

      I don't even know where to start for these:

      3. A trim fit dark brown leather jacket.

      4. A well fitting navy blazer with brass/gold buttons.



        This is what I want. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic:



          1. Pick up some solid tees that have perfect colors. Not the boring palette, but the colors and thin cuff and collar that make people comment on a t-shirt. I have one like that from BR, but I should really have 5. And not the $8 Old Navy ones.

          2. A blazer. I have a casual summer weight one from BR, and the pockets are coming undone. The tailor is working on it now. A blue one and a brown one would be stellar. Not sure about the brass buttons.

          After that, more shoes, more suits. Got two Indochino's for Christmas. Wore one for NYE and felt like a million dollars. I'm a 36L, and even at a store like Nordstrom, there are only 5 jackets in that size when there are 100+ 40R jackets. Indochino nailed it the first time around for me, and I couldn't be happier.

          Some shorts that don't look like YEAH COLLEGE.