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Time sensitive question: Which watch?

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    Time sensitive question: Which watch?

    Ok, so the pun is only partially intended. :-) But I do need to decide which watch to keep/get within the next 48 hours because Dillards clearance returns only have a 3 day window.

    Yesterday I picked up this Fossil at the New Years Clearance sale at Dillards for $40:

    The other option is the Timex Weekender that gets so much play here for $35: veASIN=B004VR9LQC

    If I keep the Fossil, I'll be replacing the band with brown. So don't let the black band factor into the decision (in so much as it costs to get a new one). Outside of the band replacement, though, the price difference is negligible. The question just becomes, "Which watch is more desirable?"

    The two watches are very different. The fossil has a much larger face. The Timex has large numbers whereas the Fossil has tick marks. The Timex has a dark face whereas the Fossil has a light face and gold accents. The Timex is "casual cool" while the Fossil has a "vintagey" silhouette and more formal face. The Fossil has chronograph functionality (which I like) and no date feature (which I actually prefer NOT to have), but neither of those are deal makers or breakers.

    So... What do you all think?? If I can't decide before time runs out, I might have to get both. :-P


    Or I could return both and get this one which costs more (aka not on clearance), but retains the features of the Fossil while changing the color scheme. It costs more, but is partially offset by not having to buy a new band:

    I don't like yellow gold, but the rose gold on this one is kind of catching my eye.



      I've had a similar Fossil watch for almost a year ( and I do wish it had a date feature. But oh well - it looks nice and tells me the time. As for your two options I would prefer the Fossil for two reasons:

      1. The face is not as busy and looks cleaner

      2. As popular as the Weekender has gotten with its rotation of straps, I wouldn't get it BECAUSE it gets so much play here and elsewhere. Call me a deliberate contrarian if you must, but I'd rather not have something that every other guys now wears on his wrist.



        Thanks for the input. I agree with the cleaner face, and I'm in the same boat about not having the same watch everyone else has.

        Which Fossil do you think works best? The affordable silver/black (of which I would still have to replace the band) or the not-as-affordable brown/rose gold that's good to go out of the box?

        Here's another shot of the brown one:



          I like the first option, if only because there's more contrast between the band and face color (and I like silver watches and accents more than gold).



            If it were me, I'd probably go for the Timex. 44mm is pretty huge for a dress watch, even a dress chronograph. But there isn't anything wrong with Fossil watches. They're often described as a "fashion" brand but they stand behind their products with an 11-year warranty, which is much more than can be said for many of the "serious" watchmakers in the affordable price range.

            I like the rose gold a lot, but I think I'd prefer it with a white dial, so that I could put it on a black strap if I wanted. For whatever reason, black dials can work with brown straps, but not the other way around.

            If you have time you can run out to your nearest Target or Wal-Mart and take a look at the Timex in person, and see if you love it or hate it. It's 39mm so it will also give you an idea of how much huger a 44mm watch will be. A 44mm watch has 25% more surface area than a 39mm, so the difference is not insignificant, especially if you have small-to-medium sized wrists.




              I like the lighter colored fossil watch. Never got the Timex watch thing.



                I have the Timex Weekender with the black face and brown strap and love it. I like contrast on a watch and I also have smaller wrists so the fit is perfect. I've gotten compliments since wearing it too, which is always a nice, positive sign when adding something new to the wardrobe.



                  Maybe I can go check out the Timex tonight. I think my deadline to make a decision is tomorrow. Otherwise the sale on the Fossil is final. Sounds like people in here are pretty 50/50, though. Decisions, decisions...



                    is there a reason you're only considering these 2 watches? Timex makes a bunch of good looking, cheap watches, as well as a few other companies. Also are you looking for more of a dress watch, or an everyday type watch or something trying to fit both?

                    I like the weekender as an everyday type of watch, but not necessarily the band. you could swap the band out for something different and then have a watch that nobody else has. Lots of options, don't limit yourself to A or B.

                    I like the look of the fossil as well, but it's a little big for my taste



                      I'm actually open to anything that's not too busy, has a brown leather band, and is versatile. But with thousands of watches out there, I hardly know where to start. :-S

                      I have a dress watch so I'm looking for more of an everyday watch, but if that everyday watch could pull double duty, that would be nice.

                      The Fossil fell in my lap at Dillard's and the Timex Weekender has been mentioned here, but I'm open to suggestion. It's just hard to make a decision in such a short time frame without narrowing it down first. Know what i mean?



                        Got the Timex Weekender for christmas, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

                        First, I've got a smaller wrist, and this watch fits me perfectly.

                        Second, there are about 10 other nylon straps readily available at Target for $7. So for about $50, you can get the watch, and 2 nylon straps, which basically results in what feels like 3 completely different watches.

                        I got the black watch face, but the grey one looks pretty sharp, and is more flexible from a coordinating standpoint.



                          Man, I have to stop reading these threads. Gives me too many ideas. I already spend way too much on watches, but I have to admit that I like the gray-faced, clean bezel version of the Timex Weekender as a summer beater watch to take to the beach.




                            Well my decision was made for me. I couldn't decide before the return period expired so the Fossil is now mine. I'm now on the hunt for a brown leather band with deployment clasp. Something like this:


                            or this:


                            or this:


                            The first picture looks very red, but I don't know if that's the leather or the picture. Also, I dan't decide between single or double deployment. If anyone out there has a suggestion, the band size is 22mm.



                              Check out this place:


                              I like the looks of their oily leather or shell cordovan straps, and the prices are very low.