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    Best purchase 2011

    So being new to the site (and new to caring about my appearance this much) I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought their best purchase of the year was. It can be value or just the thing you loved the most.

    I don't have a large time window but I have really been enjoying this wool walking coat from J.Crew Factory. 2B4294967294%2B20%26N%3D205%2B16%2B4294966725%26Nu %3DP_productid&NUM_ITEMS=15&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id= 1408474395184137&bmUID=1325270821490

    Nice coat, good value. Probably not cut slim enough for you super skinny guys but still fits pretty good.

    Next year I am predicting something from Bonobos as I had never even heard of them until a month ago and just received my first jeans and bull denim. Love. Them.



    1. Grey cashmere blazer for $6. This takes the overall price too.

    2. Greyish-brown Anderson Little herringbone tweed blazer. Perfect off-the-rack fit. Works at a wedding or as a roll-out-of-bed hoodie alternative.

    3. Converse JP brown leather sneakers. I'm the only person I have ever seen wear these.


    1. Navy cotton/linen shawl collar cardigan from LEC. If I had to pick something to wear everyday it would be this.

    2. Mossimo athletic fit flannel shirt. If these go on sale or clearance soon I'm gonna clear them out.

    3. Bonobos washed chinos. Revolutionary for me.




      1. Purdey of London hunting jacket. Man I loved that jacket. Too bad it was way too big for me... Oh, well... It fetched a good price and let me buy my #1 eBay purchase

      2. The Willis & Geiger Safari jacket... It's really cool. Unfortunately also a size XXL, so it starts on eBay on Sunday...

      3. Brooks Brothers 346 chocolate brown corduroy blazer. It's my new favorite blazer / sportcoat


      My Barbour Tokito quilted waxed cotton motorcycle jacket


      1. Cole Haan plain toe bluchers. Falling in love with these shoes started me on the path to dressing well.

      2. Bonobos wool pants. They were a revelation to me in how pants should fit

      3. Banana Republic silk / cotton / cashmere luxury blend sweaters



        I am impressed with the thrift buys. I never see anything good on the occasions I go.




          1. Egon von Furstenberg ivory-colored blazer

          2. Allen Edmonds black loafers

          3. Assorted ties


          Burberry trench coat


          1. Levi's Shrink-to-Fit jeans

          2. J.Crew Factory tattersall shirt (my most-worn shirt by far)

          3. Banana Republic wool military jacket

          4. Kenneth Cole tie clip

          5. J.Crew Factory corduroy sport coat

          Thrifting is such a hit and miss thing, you really have to be dedicated in order to get the best stuff. Like going several times a week, at least - not only will you find things as they arrive, but you'll also be more efficient because you'll know what you've already seen before and what's new.




            Hard to narrow down. Right now I am thinking my AE Daltons.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano




              1. Florsheim vintage imperial longwing bluchers.

              2. Assorted ties from RRL, BB.

              3. Patrick James tweed S/C.

              Consumer purchase / eBay:

              1. I like my iPhone 4s. (early Xmas gift from wife).

              2. eBay'd two AE Sanford's. 1 black, the other walnut in new condition.

              3. My BR grey waxed cotton utility coat from outlets. It's a great weekend casual piece I use often.

              4. My cashmere sportscoat in navy. Made by Napoli in USA!



                By far id say my black br stretch poplin and my Timex weekender from target great watch



                  Thrift: Hickey camel hair blazer bought from JC. awesome, soft, fits well

                  Retail: Florsheim Gaffneys. Not the nicest shoes I have, but they've been getting a lot of play as daily go-to shoes. Good purchase.



                    This is a difficult question since I've been on a closet-rebuilding spending spree lately, but I found a few particular things I really like. :


                    1.) Sperry Top-Sider Gold Cup 2-Eye Boat Shoes ($50 at Dillards down from $170. Bought today, but I'm counting as 2011):


                    They're freakin' deerskin-lined with freakin' gold-plated eyelets and they're more comfortable than even walking barefoot! :-)

                    2.) English Laundry blue/white shirt ($30 on clearance from Last Call):


                    Similar to this, but with the blue and white reversed. It's probably what most people would derisively call a "going-out" shirt, but I class it back up and wear it properly. The cut is great. Check out the paisley under the collar and cuffs. Of course, nobody else will ever see it, but it's fun to know it's there. :-)

                    3.) LEC charcoal button-neck cable sweater ($30 on sale down from $80):


                    A bit chunky, but I really like it.

                    4.) Tommy Hilfiger grey stripe slim fit suit ($250):


                    It been mentioned on here before that the shoulder pads are thick (and they are), but it's not particularly noticeable on my build, and it's "suited" me well. (Pun totally intended.)

                    5.) Fossil Walter leather watch ($40 on clearance from $105 at Dillards):


                    Another item that I bought today, but counting as 2011. Clean and classy with chronograph and no more-trouble-than-its-worth date function. I'll replace the band with brown ASAP.


                    1.) Brown tweed herringbone blazer ($4):

                    Don't have any details. It's a recent acquisition, and currently at the cleaners.