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Looking for a sharp looking Valet Tray

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    Looking for a sharp looking Valet Tray

    Growing up, my brother had a sweet valet box that looked like a castle. You opened the top, and it had the velvet-lined compartments with little wings of the castle on the sides that had pullout trays, lined in velvet. That would be great, but I don't see that popping up in Google searches.

    I saw this sold out option pictured above, but I'm curious what folks use for stashing cufflinks, tie bars, collar stays, etc. Something off the beaten path would be cool. I'm thinking of buying a bunch of them and using them as a very belated groomsman gift.



    I got this a few months ago and really dig it. Not too expensive either. Let me know if you want any other information.



      That is perfect! I'll try the black leather one!



        I have a small box I use just for collar stays and extra buttons for my items.

        My wife got me a personalized jewelry box for men (aka valet) that I use for watches cuff links and my other jewelry peices.

        Now my biggest concern is how to store all my clothing! I have a closet full of dress shirts, all my pants , jeans, trousers.

        Then I have two portable closets full of winter jackets, hang-up sweaters, and all my suits, S/C's, and blazers.

        On top of it all, I have two dressers full of stuff. How does everyone else store all their clothing items?



          I'd be nagging my brother to try and remember where he got that castle valet! Sounds really cool. Right now my "valet" is just a big cup that is littered with collar stays, buttons, cologne samples, etc. It might be time for a real investment but now all I can think of is that castle!



            I've got something similar to this from Fossil's outlet, but for 6 watches and a see-thru window on the lid. For my cufflinks and rings, I have this from Dulwich Designs. My collar stays are in a small cup that I think was originally for toothpicks.

            I have so many cufflinks, rings, and watches that I prefer to have separate dedicated boxes instead of trying to fit them together in every nook and cranny of a multipurpose valet box.



              I'm in a similar situation, but my requirements are a little different.

              I need:

              Something with a charging feature for my cellphone

              Something to hold 2-3 watches, several sets of cufflinks, and collar stays (I have no other accessories)

              I prefer:

              Something to hold my keys and wallet so they're not cluttering my nightstand

              Something with a drawer to avoid clutter

              It just seems that most charging valets are pretty bare-bones since it's been a difficult search.



                My nightstand has a charging unit built into it, along with fully velvet lined interior with velvet tray inside to store rings, cufflinks ect.

                Makes it really convenient to charge my laptop or phone without any ugly wires showing, due to it being all internal.



                  Sounds great, Tat. Can I have it? :-)