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best, worst, or weirdest thing you've gotten for free (or almost free)

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    best, worst, or weirdest thing you've gotten for free (or almost free)

    So I'm at my parents' house for winter break and I always seem to go through all my old stuff whenever I'm here, rooting through things in some weird hope that I will rediscover something cool I used to own but forgot about.

    This time, it actually sort of happened. I was looking in a closet through a box of my old knickknacks, and found a pair of aviator-ish sunglasses. I cleaned off their thick coating of dust and stared at them for a while, trying to remember why I had them or where I had gotten them.

    Then I remembered... when I was a little kid in the mid-to-late '90s, my mom had hosted some kind of summer party for her law firm at our cabin. These sunglasses got left behind and my mom was never able to identify who they actually belonged to, so they lived at our cabin for a while before migrating back to our house. Of course, they were useless to my parents, who are both blind as bats and wear prescription sunglasses. So they just moved around from drawer to drawer until, apparently, they came into my possession. I never wore them because I thought they looked like old fuddy-duddy glasses, not the sweet plastic wraparound style I thought was awesome back in those days.

    I've been wearing them on and off for the past couple days, not thinking anything about them, but finally today I figured I should look up the brand: Maui Jim.

    To my surprise it turns out that these are $300 sunglasses! They are these exact glasses, the Maui Jim Kahuna:

    At first I was surprised they were so expensive, but upon reflection it makes sense. They are solid, well-constructed frames with heavy glass lenses, "made in Japan," and after some 15 years of being shuffled around in junk drawers and storage boxes, the lenses remain scratch-free. Even the nose pads are still in good shape. Anyway... I guess I will have to take these puppies back to school with me.

    Anyone else have weird or random stories of cool stuff they somehow acquired for free?



    My dad has received two pairs of those things as gifts over the years. They hold up surprisingly well considering how light and fragile they seem. I was gonna mention a herringbone blazer I found at Goodwill yesterday for $4, but shoot... I think you beat EVERYBODY! :-)

    While it was hardly "free", I just found out my wallet is worth WAY more than I paid. I picked it up when a local Montblanc store was closing. I think I paid $50 for it. Been using it for several years now, and it still looks new. The style is discontinued, but it's a $400 wallet. All of a sudden, I'm being a lot more careful with it. :-P