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What would you get with $150?

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    What would you get with $150?

    Yes, I realize this is a highly subjective question, and depends on what people already have. However, I received just under that amount in cash over Christmas, and I'm looking to spend it on clothes.

    While suggestions are welcome, I understand why it's hard to recommend anything without seeing my closet. That's why I'm more asking about what YOU all would do with the money (not necessarily if you were in my shoes, but you're willing to give it a shot). It can all be on a single item or spread over multiple items.

    I'm hoping to see specific items so links are helpful. Sale items are even better. I'm new to the style game, but I'm a pro at the discount game. :-)

    If you think it will help... I'm looking to do a COMPLETE wardrobe overhaul. So the sky's the limit when it comes to ideas.

    Things I already have (that I'm keeping):

    Basic brown dress shoes

    Solid-colored buttoned shirts (mostly whites and blues)

    Solid-colored polos (all colors)

    One pair of dark jeans and one pair of lighter, worn jeans

    Two pairs of dark flat-front pants

    Hilfiger trim grey striped suit (the one from Macy's)

    Cremieux navy suit (with unfortunate but passable pleated pants)

    Assortment of ties (good ones)

    Recent aquisitions:

    Wool 3/4 pea coat (grey)

    Wool jacket (grey)

    Brown casual oxfords

    Black basic dress shoes

    Assorted buttoned shirts

    Sweater vests

    button collar sweater - grey (the cool one from LE)

    Stuff I still need or want:

    Fun socks (though I have a hard time justifying paying more than a few dollars per pair)

    Another suit (expanding the collection - not replacing anything)

    ... and if you find something a little over $150, that's ok. I can pitch in a bit on top of my gift money to get something really special.


    Also, I have a $50 gift card to Banana Republic. So any ideas there (either separate or combined with the $150) are appreciated.



      Being winter and all (not sure of your location), I'm a big fan of the merino wool sweaters from BR and they can be had for fairly cheap. So that's my recommendation regarding the gift card.

      If I had $150 to spend in my situation? I'd get some things along the lines of:

      - A new watch to add to my collection, something casual and can be worn day-to-day but not so much that it follows the Timex Weekender + NATO strap that so many people now wear. Maybe the Seiko 5 w/ black face + fabric that can be had on Amazon for around $65

      - Wurkin Stiffs collar stays

      - A new raincoat since I've had the same EMS one since college and it's a bit worn through

      - Another pair of Bonobos washed chinos through any discounted site

      But non-style related, I would get some new wedges (or a whole new set of clubs) to go with my new golf bag I got for the holidays. But that might just be a birthday present since I won't be using them for a few months anyway.



        Fun socks: jcrew--in-store were 30% off a few days ago (still?) and marked down to 10; so, $7/pair.

        Other than that, I'd buy shoes. Good shoes. Always shoes...but they'd probably cost more than 150.

        More reasonably? A blazer; khaki or navy, tailor if necessary, and wear it liberally.



          What I would get? I'd put that money into a pair of Allen Edmonds walnut shoes. But it looks like you've got a great base for your wardrobe so far: dress shoes, casual shoes, dark jeans, bunch of basic shirts, polos and ties and even wool jackets for this winter.

          I currently love the merino V-neck sweaters from Express.

          I'm a small dude at 5'5 and their XS fits perfectly and is a great layering piece. I'm a big fan of layering, so I say go for a couple of v-necks, especially if you want an easy way to add some color.

          Also, maybe think about some chinos or khakis to mix it up from the slacks/suit bottoms you already have. People usually have good experiences at Bonobos (i've never bought from there, yet). I got a couple pairs of the slim fit Khakis from GAP and they're great.

          Last but not least, I'd just do a general check around the Target and Lands End/Canvas sites. They both have sales ALL the time, and it's easy to come up with things that you might want to add - watches, socks, basic tees, cardigan sweaters, etc. for a really great price.



            I love the "luxury blend" sweaters from BR... Silk / Cotton / Cashmere. They look great and don't pill up like other sweaters.

            If I were you I'd get 3-4 of those and go to and get 3 shirts that coordinate with them, then go to and get a couple ties / pocket squares that go with them.

            If it were for me I'd probably be looking to see when finally restocks and use the 50% off code... Either that or I'd be rationalizing that that $150 is found money and really makes this coat only cost $100 which is a great price:


            EDIT: Fun socks for cheap, just be patient for the 3 weeks till it gets there from TopMan:




              Good call on the sweaters. Seems like a popular choice. I bought a couple of sweater vests recently, but I only own 2 full-length sweaters that don't suck, and both are grey. :-) I live in Texas so it doesn't get crazy cold very often, but I hate toting around thick coats that I have to stow whenever I get somewhere. Sweaters are a good alternative, and they're often all we need.

              And pocket squares! Cheap and effective! I just had a "duh" moment. I love it. :-)

              I like the idea of a new watch (I've always loved watches), but I really need to start wearing the one my wife got me as a wedding gift. I might get in trouble if I bought and wore another one. ;-) Though I bet I could get away with a new leather-banded watch and save hers for special occasions...

              As for blazers, I forgot to mention I have a chino blazer on backorder from the Lands End sale, but it won't get here until middle of January. I've got my fingers crossed, though. I also have two 3-button suit jackets that I've outgrown the pants on. Was going to toss them, but I'm going to see if I can get them re-pressed as 2-button blazers instead.



                What kind of watch is it? I've found you can often breathe new life into an old watch just by putting a new strap on it. Watches with metal bracelets particularly benefit from a new pair of shoes.




                  BTW, JC, I share your penchant for that style of jacket. I'd love one of these in green if I thought I could afford it and pull it off (of which, I can do neither):


                  They call it a "sport jacket", but the pockets clearly say "shooting jacket". It's missing the shoulder pad, but that might have been taking it too far, anyway. :-)




                    Well the watch is practically new (been married less than a year). It's just that the battery died after a couple months, and I haven't replaced it. I've been bad. :-P

                    It's not an expensive watch. I believe it's a Bulova. It has a metal band. Not too busy on the face, though. It's a solid choice in terms of versatility. Similar to this:

           0&Ne=4294957900+5+8+1035+1317+18+904+833+949&SelDi m=8%7e+18%7e&CatSel=4294937776%7cwatches&NOffset=0 &catid=79244&x5view=1&N=158+513+4294937776&Nao=0&P SO=0&bcCat=3&CmCatId=external|79244



                      It's a little strange that the battery would die after only a couple months, unless it was old stock that had been sitting around for a while before it got sold. I'd keep an eye on that if I were you - most batteries should last at least a couple years, especially on an analog watch without a backlight or any fancy functions to drain the battery's charge.

                      Anyway, I think it's a nice-looking watch and would benefit greatly from the addition of a brown leather band. You can order one online for $20-30, then have a jeweler or watch repairperson put it on at the same time you have them replace the battery.

                      If you're feeling adventurous, you can do both those things yourself (I change my own watch straps and batteries), but for most people it's easier just to have someone do it for them.




                        Imagine it was old stock. At least, that was my first guess. It did slow down before it stopped so it's not like it was abrupt.

                        Having different bands would certainly increase the versatility, but is it a pain to be switching out bands? Is it something you can do in a couple minutes whenever you feel like it? I only own the one watch so it has work with everything.



                          Oh, one other thing I'd look at in the $150 range... a pair of Persols. I broke the lens on my Ray Bans and I've been looking for a replacement.