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What popular item on Dappered do you loathe?

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    Wingtips. I can admit I am boring and traditional in many ways though, so I can understand if I am in the minority. I don't do special looking socks or ties that go too far from plain and knit inoffensive colors.

    I could almost say blazers as it seems to be completely unheard of as part of casual wear here in South Florida, but I personally think it looks nice so I would adapt if I moved.



      Agreed with the monkstraps, but it's probably more about my own personal high water mark for style than anything aesthetic. Same goes for some other celebrated things, like wildly colored chinos or shoes - just don't have the cajones for banana yellow shoes. Flower lapels (thought not featured here) are a forgettable and regrettable trend. And whisky and scotch (I'm a gin drinker.)

      I found the much celebrated GAP herringbone blazer to be itchy. Looks great, but I dread putting it on.

      In all, to each their own.



        HAHAHAHA...I also own (and love) these:, as well as a pair of mint green club Monaco chinos, which need tailoring, but should be in the mix come spring.

        @Cannon; the right blazer can be worn w/o much problem here in Florida; gotta be leaning toward linen--I have and wear several.

        @jackie: those crosby's are knockoffs of Alden Indy boots, which I've never liked either, though they're sartorial blog pr0n.



          I'm not crazy about bright yellow shoes (unless maybe it's a sneaker) but I really like the idea of brightly-colored chinos. When Bonobos had their huge 50% coupon thing, or whatever it was, the one thing I looked for was a pair of brightly-colored chinos (red or mint green). Alas they didn't have anything in my size. LEC ran out of their faded red chinos in my size before I could snatch those up, too. For now I've settled for ordering the merlot cords, but it's just not the same....

          This spring/summer I really want to finally buy a pair of "critter" shorts. You know, the shorts with little creatures embroidered all over them. Critter pants seem a little over the top but I think shorts would be awesome. I've got my eye on this just-released style from J.Crew Factory... I think I'll pick them up whenever a good discount pops up.