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What popular item on Dappered do you loathe?

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    What popular item on Dappered do you loathe?

    While we all have a fondness for nice clothes on this site, everyone has their own unique style and tastes. I thought it would be fun to ask what items that seem to be popular with the dappered crowd do you not understand, or just dislike?

    For me, it is monk strap shoes. I have gotten a ton of style tips on this site from all the knowledgeable gents, but I swear when people start ranting and raving about a monk strap I think you have all lost your minds.

    What item do you loathe?


    Shawl collar sweaters. I know they're popular, but I just can't do it. Now that LE sweater with the 4 buttons and the standing collar... I'm wearing mine right now and love it.



      Personally, I don't get Monk straps. I still have yet to decide if I'm on the wingtip boot bandwagon. I guess I prefer my footwear relatively understated.



        Nothin', huh? Fascinating. You mean double monks, right? Not just singles? I'm so-so on singles, but heart some dubs.

        Black shoes/pants/shirts/jackets...clothes...are my anti-thing.




          Still nothin'. Double or single...I'd probably be divorced if I bought $595 shoes. HA! Those Sid's are a serious style statement. More power to you if you can rock em.



            I don't feel the monkstrap love either... I mean, those Sid Mashburn look like nice shoes, but for that price I could get these:


            Which I'd love much much much more



              how about triple monk strap then?



                Single, Double, or Triple, I just dont get it. To me, they look like they are for...Monk's.

                Although I am all about wingtips, I like my shoes pretty traditional. In the words of Nixon's staffer in "Frost/Nixon"...I believe a man's shoes should have laces.



                  I'm also not such a fan of monk straps. Maybe if I lived in Europe, but even for a style-conscious, "metro" guy in America, they seem a little feminine. Or maybe if I were a more macho guy to begin with... but as a slender, average height, blond-haired, young-looking guy, I try to wear things that complement my masculinity rather than play against it. That said, if I saw a pair of high quality monk straps in my size for $8 at the thrift store, I would probably buy them.

                  "Hate" is a strong word, but I don't like all the watches on NATO and Zulu straps. I like the idea of slip-through nylon straps but I find them uncomfortable to wear, and they can cheapen the look of a watch if you don't pair them together well. To me they look best on a small, thin field watch. A chunky dive watch will overpower a flimsy nylon strap, while the nylon will make a nice dress watch look cheesy.

                  Sometimes I get tired of features that seem to drag on for too long... like the wingtip boot search, and the Shannon Sharpe thing. But that's not exactly the same thing as an item that I loathe.




                    Not big on shawl collars or monkstraps either and I could never really see myself wearing either without feeling feminine or (as my best friend says) looking like a pilgrim (the monkstraps). Never knew that wingtips (boots or otherwise) weren't the norm! As a south asian w/ a tan-ish complexion, a lot of the things just seem out of place on me or "trying too hard."



                      I don't hate wingtip boots, but I don't understand the obsession with them either.



                        jose; I concur. While I love the look of them, perhaps it's just a geographic thing: I'm in florida. when would I want a dress boot? Waterproof boot; sure. Beater boot; absolutely (I fish, and walk in mud on construction sites) it just because it doesn't get cold enough here, often enough, that I'd want something more substantial, but still want it looking dressy? When are other people opting for the dress boot that I'm not, and putting on my (oh-you-are-all-so-mistaken-these-things-are-awesome) double monks instead...or mali boots...or penny loafers...or supergas?



                          The Lands End Crosby Moc Toe boot. I actually ordered them and returned them. The leather felt cheap and the width of it just looked goofy on my feet. I know Joe loves them (and they keep getting cheaper and cheaper), but I didn't like them one bit. I did buy the Sebago Wingtips he recommended and am loving them, though.



                            I can't really get into toggle coats.



                              @Acousticfoodie what are those triple monks?

                              Do you have a link?

                              I love em!