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1st time buying new suit, having trouble (PICS)

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    1st time buying new suit, having trouble (PICS)

    Hi everyone,

    Please forgive me if these are stupid questions, but it's the first time buying a suit for myself in years. I went to Macys the other day, and based upon recommendations from this website as well as a few others, I tried on the Alfani Red, Hilfiger Slim fit, and a couple of others. Everytime I tried on the jacket, I always got problems with the shoulder pads as you can see in the pictures. What would cause this? I'm 5'11" 175lbs, pictured is a 38R, as that size seemed to fit the best to me overall, except for the shoulder pads.

    The sales lady wasn't much help with suggestions. Do I need a bigger size for the coat?


    I think the coat is just cut smaller in the shoulders. I once faced that same problem I see in your pics - jacket fit well everywhere except in the shoulders where it was too small.

    The next size up was perfect for me in the shoulders, but too long/roomy in other spots. I think the best option is go for the correct fit in your shoulders and have it tailored in the other spots.



      You'll see in the threads that the hilfiger suits have a lot of shoulder padding. A different suit that has less structured might suit you better (OoOo no pun intended there!)



        It's too much padding in the jacket, in combination with your upper arms extending past your shoulder. Wearing a bigger size won't fix the problem. You should try other brands.



          I have the same Hilfiger suit, and I had to go up to the next size to find one that would fit me. I'm 5'10", currently 185, and typically a 40 fits me. However, in that suit, I had to go up to a 42. As others have said, the shoulder pads are substantial.

          For anyone smaller than a 40, those shoulders pads might look even bigger, and there may be no way around it.

          FWIW, the pants were also too tight for my thighs, and I had to go up to a 36" waist, which I've never had to do before or since.

          DISCLAIMER: Everybody is different and your mileage may vary.



            Is it possible for a tailor to remove some padding to make the shoulder a little softer, or would that just not come out right?



              I was wondering the same about my own shoulder pads. I don't know.



                @Alan, @trash,

                Everything I have ever read on the subject of "softening" shoulders has said it would not matter if you had the best tailor in the world, the shoulders of a suit cannot be reshaped. Always look for a suit that fits in the shoulders. Nearly all other areas can be adjusted to fit. Wish I could think of references off hand for you, but I'd probably have to go back through my various magazine archives.



                  Don't stress it. I can live with it the way it is. It's not terrible, and I have a tendency to ditch the jacket when I get where I'm going, anyways.



                    Don't worry, I didn't spend too much time on it. I did a quick search on GQ.




                      Yeah, that's like re-cutting and sewing the whole jacket. Not worth it. I've had this same problem with cheaper jackets myself. It's one of the reasons I went to thrifting to get a quality of garment / tailoring I couldn't afford new.



                        the shoulders are too broad, the fit is actually really good IMO, you need a softer more natural shoulder. Try a different brand at that size, if you want to get the nice shoulders go with an italian cut if you can find one it will provide the roping that gives the illusion of broader shoulders but provides you with a natural feel up to the rope.

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