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    Those AE Strands

    After a year of longing, I'm going to have to pull the trigger and satisfy my lust for a pair of AE Strands.

    Before I do, am I right in assuming that these shoes never, ever, go on sale? I have to say, the $45 international shipping to Canada makes it very painful.

    Also, do I have to go all matchy-matchy with a belt?


    I think they do sometimes go on sale... It's not frequent though, and I don't think they did this holiday shopping season.

    I don't think you have to match too closely, but assuming you're getting the walnut strands you'll want to get a lighter brown belt, not a dark or reddish brown



      Hey Kittiwake,

      Where do you live? Depending on which carrier the company will select, I am pretty sure you will be hit with duties and taxes of around $50.

      If they choose USPS there may be the possibly they will over look the package or the will charge you the least taxes.

      Any other carriers like UPS or Fedex they are charge a ridiculous amount as they charge a $35 on top of the duty and taxes.

      If you live like in Toronto, I would send my package to a mailbox in Buffalo and make a day trip out of it. I can see you saving $100 as many companies offer free shipping and you can avoid the duties and tax.



        Yeah, after assessing it further it seems the duty and shipping fees make it a bit prohibitive to order from AE. I don't mind investing in the shoes, but all the additional charges make it painful.I'm headed to San Diego and Charleston for work in January/February so I'll have a look for an AE retailer or store once there. Plus I can try the shoes on there and avoid that bit of uncertainty. I order a pair of Park Avenues off eBay and I don't think they'll ever be comfortable, so I'm a bit leery. Thanks for the offer to pick them up in Buffalo though, most appreciated.

        Jason, thanks for the heads up on the belt. One of the big challenges in trying to move from sartorial slub to relatively well dressed is matching ... I have a real problem with mixing textures and shoes/pants. I guess the strands could be worn with a grey suit, but not a black suit, and with dark jeans but not chinos ... they should invent a shoe/pant matching wheel for people like me.





            I bought mine from Endless for $200 over the summer, price matching the Nordstrom sale. I believe they ship to Canada. If you don't mind waiting until the sale comes around again you could save some money, assuming the Strand is on sale again.

            Also, Lands' End has the Strand in brown and black and are occasionally eligible for their %-off discount codes, but it seems like they've been excluding AE shoes more and more with recent codes.

            And third option I can think of, this guy on StyleForum sells a handful of models, including the Strand, and you might be able to work out a cheaper shipping option.



              Do you have Nordstroms up there? I picked up my Strands for $200 earlier in the year with one of their sales.



                Another option for the Strand is Brooks Brothers, listed under "Medallion Perforated Captoe" selling right now for $261. (It was cheaper a few days ago by an additional 20%.)

                The main differences are that it's not actually branded an AE (even though it is) and it has a partially rubber sole (which some may see as a good or bad thing).

                I've contacted AE Recrafting in the past about their policy of recrafting this particular white-label shoe, and they basically said they would but depending on the length of their agreement with BB, they may not be able to recraft it exactly as BB sells it (with the different sole and heel). So, at the very least, they'll be able to recraft it back to the standard AE Strand sole/heel, even if their agreement with BB expires.

                FWIW, BB also sells a white-labeled Fifth Ave as well.



                  Wow Chareth I didn't know that. Looks like the OP missed getting his 200 dollar strands by only a few days!



                    Strands were on sale on Amazon last week for 25% off, got me a pair with free two day shipping.

                    Especially good deal with some credit I had from my Amazon card rewards.