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Wearing untucked shirts under a blazer ok?

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    Wearing untucked shirts under a blazer ok?

    It seems like a lot of stock photos on websites like to show blazers with untucked shirts:


    However, I rarely see anyone like this except for teenagers or people going for a trendy look. Is this just considered a trend, and something men in general should avoid?


    They're also wearing their blazers unbuttoned.... You should avoid both of those things, IMO



      I think the top picture looks awful. The bottom pic looks much better (I think the sweater kinda glues everything together), but I would still tuck the shirt in.

      As for leaving the blazer unbuttoned, I have one jacket that fits me beautifully - until I close the buttons (it's too tight around the stomach). So by default I wear it unbuttoned, and it's a decent casual look IMO.



        I wear super casual shirts like polos or flannel under blazers untucked. Almost never wear button downs untucked, although I agree the one with the sweater isn't a bad look.



          Tack. Eeee.

          Button and tuck.



            Note that in the 2nd picture the clothes do not fit him at all. The sleeves of the shirt are too long. The sleeves of the jacket are too long. The shoulders of the jacket are too big. And yet, somehow, the jacket is too short.



              I think it could possibly be ok, if:

              1. The blazer is VERY casual (think unstructured cotton)

              2. The shirt is the correct (short) length for a casual shirt

              3. You are wearing sneakers and jeans

              4. You are 25 years of age or younger

              I am, actually, 25 years old, but I still probably wouldn't do this. Though I do sometimes wear my shirts untucked underneath a sweater or a cardigan, mostly because I like the visual break that an inch or so of shirt provides between the sweater and my pants. But it's definitely only for casual situations. I save this look for casual shirts, which look ok untucked to begin with. An untucked dress shirt just looks cheesy, in any circumstance, especially if it's rather long.

              I think the bottom pic comes closer to pulling the look off. But both of them appear to be wearing some kind of nice trouser, which looks kind of silly to me.




                For me, I guess it depends on the context. If we're talking jeans and casual shoes, I'd consider it. But for pants and nicer shoes? No way.

                I personally think having a shirt untucked under a blazer is more acceptable than an untucked, buttoned shirt without a blazer. The exception is when the sleeves are rolled to make it more casual.



                  I agree with Alan; it totally depends on context.


                  * True dress shirts should never be worn untucked.

                  * Casual button downs worn untucked are acceptable as long as the shirt is short and fitted enough. Otherwise, you look like you're wearing a tent. Also, not tucking when wearing low-rise jeans is probably a good idea, unless you have a short upper body and long legs, otherwise your upper and lower half might look unbalanced. And I agree with Alan, that rolling the sleeves makes not tucking look better.

                  * Blazers are fine buttoned or unbuttoned. Too much is made of this rule, IMO, and frankly, most men -- even well dressed ones -- don't follow this rule exclusively. Just like the "balmoral only" rule with suits that hardly anyone follows anymore, don't worry about following rules literally, just make sure you look good.

                  * Both looks in the pictures above are kind of awful, unfortunately, for reasons outside of not tucking.



                    I button blazers because I think having them unbuttoned makes you look more top-heavy than you are. I don't need that at all, but I could see it working for skinnier guys. I'd say, if you have some chub or a fair amount of muscle, button 'er up. Unbuttoned probably works better with less fitted pants, I imagine. Otherwise the proportions just seem odd.



                      I agree with Chareth that jackets, blazers, what have you needn't be buttoned always when standing. I think of this as the 'Ari Gold Rule', because whenever he stood up he always made a point to button his suit. But I don't find it necessary.



                        I'd say, I don't know what "necessary" means...but buttoned always looks cleaner than unbuttoned, and is probably one of those rules you should follow and understand until you know what you're doing enough to want to break it for a specific reason--so, if you have to ask, stick with the rules until your game is strong enough to go your own way.

                        And, as to the stock photos...I'd say that one should consider the audience. Who are they selling to? Are you intending to be that guy? INC, for example, tends to have absolutely crap clothing, and is not far off from Affliction--they just happened to have some good unstructured jackets this past year, and occasionally some good trim-fit pants. By and large, though, their brand is markedly different than a classic, dappered-style look, and their advertising reflects that, so following the dress-to-photo example with them *is* a look, but probably not a look consistent with what you're doing elsewhere.



                          "Necessary", meaning that it's a rule some of the more sartorially inclined tend to think it's best to follow. It's not, nor should it be, a hard and fast rule. If a jacket looks better unbuttoned, so be it. If it looks better buttoned, go right ahead. As long as it looks good (and believe it or not, unbuttoned jackets can look good), what does it matter what rule you're "breaking"?