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    Shawl collar

    Ended up with this sweater for Xmas.

    What do I wear under it?


    T shirt?



    Probably wear it with jeans. Maybe some kahki chinos, maybe brown cords.

    Thanks for any ideas.


    Tshirt is kind of tacky. Everything else works. I'd stay away from another navy thing. Everything else is fair game; more casual shirts "go" better with the look (oxfords, other button-down collar shirts), but I guess you could wear some non-iron, pressed shirt--I just don't wear those at all.

    Your pants options are fine; could even work into spring evenings with chino shorts. Navy shawl collar is JFK off-duty.



      Hmm. Not sure why a t-shirt is tacky? I don't think you'd even be able to see the t-shirt collar, so you would look just like Joe in the picture.

      This sort of strikes me as a stand-alone kind of sweater... it might look weird to wear it with a collared shirt, just because that would be a lot going on around your neck. I'd try it on with a few different things and see what looks best. I'd be tempted to wear it just over an uncollared shirt and let the shawl collar really take center stage.

      As for pants, I think you're right. Chinos, cords, jeans will all work. The sweater is so chunky that I think it would visually overpower something dressy like a fine wool trouser.

      As far as colors go, I think contrasting is key. As in Joe's pic, jeans should probably be a mid-wash or a slightly grey-ish wash, and not a true dark wash, to keep some visual contrast going on. Olive, tan, brown, and grey will all work well as neutrals. Obviously lighter shades like pale blue and white will work really well, too, as far as shirts go. I'd stay well away from black, navy, and charcoal grey as they will look much too matchy/monochromatic.




        It's hard to determine how deep the neck is without seeing it on, but if it's deep enough a light blue or white oxford would be perfect (try LEC)--in the event it's not deep enough to comfortably wear a collared shirt underneath the sweater, then I'd go with Ben's suggestions. One thing to consider is layering--in the event you get hot, you'll want to be able to easily remove the sweater and still look presentable--with this in mind perhaps a henley or a collared rugby underneath would be good. Otherwise, you seem to have the right idea for pants, I'd be inclined to say just avoid anything too similar of shade of navy.



          Slightly off topic, do any of you guys with this sweater notice that it sheds an awful lot of lint/cotton balls? I'm wondering if it is normal or if this sweater is already disintegrating on me after just one wash.



            I also have the sweater and it does seem to shed a lot. I've only worn it once and it left my shirt under covered in blue. I've washed it since, so maybe that has helped.

            To the original poster, I've worn it over a white extra slim fit 1MX, with navy/red stripe bow tie, and dark khaki chinos. This was to a grad party, held mostly outside in the 50* weather.



              Thanks to all of you!

              actually is a fairly tight shawl collar I wore it with a vneck shirt and nothing showed.

              Being so tight I don't know how it would look with a collar but I'll have to try it out. My normal thought process had me only wearing it with a collar underneath.

              Anyways, Thanks and Happy New Year!



                Keithsan - I got that sweater too and love it but totally agree with you. Nothing shoes. I tried wearing a dress shirt under it just to see, and you couldn't see the collar on the shirt at all. It just got tons of fuzz all over the shirt that took two lint roller sheets to clean up.

                I would just wear a white t-shirt underneath - crewneck or v-neck - that won't show at all but will be softer against your skin. Plus, when all the fuzz gets on it, you won't care. =)



                  Speaking of - I sized down and got a small. The sleeves are still plenty long enough, but for the first time in my life, they were a little tight in the biceps. I was flattered.



                    Adding my own question to this topic on shawl collars - what would you guys recommend to wear with this LE green shawl cardigan I got recently?


                    I figure it would look good with a collared shirt and maybe a tie, but I'm mostly confused with what pants to wear. Dark, slim denim jeans? Slacks/khakis? I'm not used to wearing green, but between the color and the texture, this cardigan will be demanding a lot of attention if I wear it. Looking for a way to balance it out.



                      can't go wrong with denim. khakis, cords, anything casual really