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What are your 2012 new year's (style) resolutions?

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    What are your 2012 new year's (style) resolutions?

    After greatly expanding my shoe collection and filling my closet with stuff from Lands' End Canvasit's time to look forward to another year of developing my fashion sense. I've learned a lot but definitely have a long ways to ago. Here's my list for 2012:

    1) Acquire monk straps.

    2) Seriously think about a custom suit and stop wasting money on cheap suits.

    3) Finally get a new haircut after years of the same thing.

    4) Spend more on clothes...but buy less. I'm still to cheap when it comes to clothes and it means I either buy stuff that isn't worth it, or I don't buy stuff that is.

    5) If the apocalypse happens in 2012, finally bust out my orange chinos - nothing says sprezzatura like wearing go-to-hell pants as the world burns around you.


    1) Learn to dress casually as well as I am for biz

    2) Work on my color sense so I know better what looks good on me without having to experiment so much. For instance, I finally figured out that my girlfriend was right that khaki / tan doesn't look good on me (like all yellows) which makes me sad because the great HF suit I found recently is khaki moleskin

    3) Get some shell cordovan shoes / boots... Probably shooting for Feb / March to look for these

    4) Find a good quality tux and somewhere to wear it



      1) Try a new hairstyle. I'm bored of the whole short-on-the-sides, slightly-longer-on-top thing.

      2) Try a beard. Never done it, working on one right now. Mostly because I look like I'm about 12 and a beard might age me up a bit (in a good way).

      3) Buy fewer, but higher quality, pieces.

      4) Continue to learn and implement proper garment care/storage so I can extend the life of my clothes and shoes.

      5) Continue getting in good physical shape so all my clothes look better on me. :-)




        1) Get back to working out after the holiday "vacation" my belly has had.

        2) Size down the wardrobe. I have decided to dress way more conservative. Interchangeable wardrobe ftw.

        3) Buy only from merchants that guarantee their clothes. Lands End, L.L. Bean, Bonobos, Brooks Brothers, etc. I've wasted $$$ at H&M on awesome fitting clothes that maybe last 4 washes.

        4) Buy less, but buy quality.

        5) Buy LESS, buy QUALITY.

        6) Buy. Less.



          glen's #3 is excellent. 4, 5, and 6 are steps I shall continue to take, as I persistently remind myself that to get to where I am, I had to spend *some* on determining that. Search costs exist, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it; I *will,* however, learn from the experience...and be reminded of it every time I see the *many* shoes I purchased on a whim that never get worn, while my quality pieces are consistently in the rotation.

          Thank goodness for the excellent return policies of Macy's, or I would have had a wardrobe 2x as big w/ stuff I never wear.



            1. Get in shape/gain muscle. My skinny frame doesn't really make any slim fitting clothes look good (especially henleys, v-necks, etc). Goal: Move from 160 to 170lbs in lean muscle.

            2. Sell or donate the last of my wardrobe that I never wear

            3. Main items I need to buy: a slim navy blazer and casual brown shoes for bars



              Oh, and:

              4. Tuck in all of my appropriate shirts. Decided that untucked button downs look too young/sloppy for my age. (obviously excluding t-shirts, polos, etc)



                1. Dress better all the time. (Funny that I say that when my friends just commented that I always dress so well already)

                2. Buy a tux. Been meaning to for the last few years

                3. Drop that last 10lbs



                  1. LEARN MORE. There's so much to take in for someone new to the style game like me, and I want to learn as much as possible so I can make better decisions. (Absolutely #1 for me, affects all my other resolutions)

                  2. Dress well whenever I go out

                  3. Work out more and put on a bit of bulk

                  4. Get Walnut Allen Edmonds Cliftons

                  5. Buy MORE. Strange one, but I used to be one of those people that never spent money on clothes at all. I had some ill fitting t-shirts with stretched collars, like 2 jackets and some jeans that were wearing out. I recently started spending at the tail end of this year and I'd like to expand into the new year. Improving one's style/wardrobe is really exciting once you start and get into it!

                  6. Maintain self control on #5



                    1. Stop thinking about it and actually get some jackets/pants I have tailored. Although, I am still not sure I have found a good tailor in Denver. Any suggestions?

                    2. Wear my Strands! I got them in mid-december and there has been snow/slush/salt on the ground ever since.



                      overall: Dress younger and more casual, but maintain a high level of style.

                      To buy: Acquire an ultra-casual blazer or two, maybe one for fall/winter and one for spring/summer. Get a good pair of slim-fitting shorts that stop a few inches above my knee. Buy one more pair of gym shorts and pants. Get one pair of decent black dress shoes for job interviews.

                      body: Less weight lifting, more cardio and yoga. Resume eating as well as I was before the holiday season. I want to finally have a visible six-pack. I was getting pretty darn close before the consumption season began.



                        1. pass the bar

                        2. get a job

                        3. wear ties every day



                          Oh, and donate everything I won't ever wear, even if it means sneaking it out in a garbage bag so my pack-rat father doesn't give me crap for it.



                            1.) Get rid of most of my "backup" clothes. That forces me wash more often, but ultimately I'll wear stuff that I like (and looks better) more often.

                            2.) Not necessarily style-related, but style-tangent... Rebuild closet shelving and rods from the ground up to accomodate both my and my new wife's clothes.

                            3.) Wear more ties.

                            4.) Prep my wardrobe for post-MBA reality.

                            5.) Finally hem the expensive jeans that have been dragging around my heels for several years, along with the off-the-rack suits that are a tad long in the arms.

                            6.) Aquire another suit (currently just have 2).

                            7.) Use the home gym equipment that's just sitting there.

                            ... and not go broke in the process completing of 1 through 7. :-)



                              1) Find and build a relationship with a good tailor

                              2) Buy a pair of Allen Edmonds dress shoes (undecided on style)

                              3) Get back in shape

                              4) Wear more ties

                              5) Add a quality automatic timepiece to my watch collection