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What Leather Pieces do you treat?

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    What Leather Pieces do you treat?

    I was curious what leather people treat. I use leather lotion on many shoes and boots before a polish or in between polishes to keep them up. I recently have been using the leather lotion on a wallet and my dogs leash and collar.

    Does anyone else use them for much else besides shoes? Maybe belts? If so, what types of leather do you use them on, and what leathers do you steer clear from with the lotion?


    I treat basically everything (which, in my case, is not a whole lot). Footwear, gloves, and watch straps are the big ones for me. When I borrowed a leather briefcase this summer, I treated that as well, as it was slightly aged and scuffed and I wanted to return it in better condition than I received it. If I owned a nice belt I would probably do that, too, but all I have is a cheap plasticky reversible one which isn't worth the effort (same with my current wallet). One thing about a belt - if I treated it I'd be sure to let it thoroughly dry, and buff it VERY thoroughly so that it didn't "sweat" any of the treatment product out and stain my clothes.

    One thing I've been torn about is whether to treat my new leather messenger bag. A tag inside it said specifically NOT to treat it with the maker's own proprietary care products, but that doesn't sit particularly well with me, especially considering the cost of the bag. I guess we'll see. Stuff online seems to think that it's because their care products use silicone, which I always thought was a no-no for leather in general, and everything I use is lanolin and beeswax based, so maybe I will treat it after all.