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Matching belt to go with AE Strands in Walnut

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    Matching belt to go with AE Strands in Walnut

    Hello everyone,

    I was lucky enough to pick up the AE Strands in Walnut a few days ago. With a busy, busy, work schedule it seems like I'm ordering everything online now because I can make it into the stores. I want to pick up a belt that would look good with these shoes (walnut color I'm assuming?) and it does make it very tough shopping online to find a great match.

    Any suggestions? I've checked out the AE website but it doesn't look like there is a match. Looking for nothing crazy, actually the cheaper the better Definitely under $50.

    Thanks for all of your help guys!


    I know you said you are busy but You can find a good matching belt for your strands at a nordstrom rack or equivalent for around 20 bucks. Hard to trust photographs from online sites. Additionally, The Allen edmonds walnut polish does redden it a little bit from its original walnut color.



      Matchy-Matchy. Ho-hum.



        Here you go: de=aj-belts

        I have some of these Austin Jeffers belts and they're tan color is very close to the Strand Walnut.

        Made in America too.



          Naragansett Leathers. 1" full grain made-in-America belts for $34:



            Confused why you didn't find a match on the AE website, there are a bunch here

            Of course they are expensive, I ordered the Madison to match the strands I recently purchased, it is on sale at 69. It might be too wide though and I may have to return it. Interested in the other options that have been mentioned but I want to make sure it is a perfect match and not just close




              I really like that bull shoulder belt from Austin Jeffers: e=bull-shoulder-single-1002&Category_Code=aj-belts

              Any idea on the width? I ordered the AE Madison belt when it was on sale for $65, but it was really wide and didn't work for dressier situations. I'm looking for something substantial but not huge, around 33 mm would be nice.

              Although it is handmade, not sure I want to wait 14 days for Austin Jeffers to process my order either. First world problems.



                I ordered a belt from Naragansett last week. I'll post some pics and a review when it comes.



                  I look forward to that Jason, when I first looked at your link I didn't realize that the colors and buckles were interchangeable. Curious how close the chestnut is to AE walnut. But I think 1" might be too small.

                  Anyway, better act quick if I want to order from them, it appears they are closed Feb & March



                    Yeah, I got the 1.25", but I got dark brown since that's the one I need to replace. I have a lighter chestnut one from RL that's pretty good quality already, but my dark brown was a cheap one from Gap that's falling apart.



                      Jason - I took your advice and ordered the 1" chestnut last week to go with my new strands. A little worried about the size but am expecting good things



                        Well, hopefully it's not too small... 1" will be a dressier belt.



                          I saw a few pretty cheap options at Macy's (plus I have a gift card) that were close to the walnut and I had an idea. Could I buy a belt that is close in color and use the AE walnut shoe polish on it to get spot on?



                            Maybe. You can darken leather pretty easily, but it's harder to change the undertone if it's more / less yellow. I wouldn't worry about matching too perfectly.