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2011 Christmas Gifts

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    Gave: brother a shirt from Blank Label, mom an extremely nice bamboo cutting board, dad a nice GPS

    Still going to give: a donation to coats for kids for each of my family members

    Got: orient watch, Shun chefs knife, a vacuum (boring but needed), a donation in my name to

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Got the Versace Man that I asked for. Great scent.

      Got myself 2 Indochino suits - one arrived Friday, and I'm thrilled with it.

      Gave my kids a bunch of Old Navy - really great outfits and shirts as cheap as $1.97 on clearance minus the 30% friends and family coupon we passed around the family.

      Gave my wife some fuzzy socks which she's wearing. Winning. =P



        I suspect I may be older than a number of the people on this site, and Christmas in my family has always been pretty big, but here's the (abnormally large) list:

        Cool stuff I got from other people:

        Full set of golf clubs (from the in-laws)

        Set of Bodylastics resistance bands (from my wife)

        Red paisley tie with black undertones (from my wife)

        24" computer monitor (from my mom)

        Gifts cards for date night w/ wife consisting of movies, dinner, and dessert (from my brother)

        Cool stuff I got from myself:

        Two A's on my grad school finals this semester!

        BR grey wool jacket (to replace one stolen from my truck)

        2 new pairs of shoes (both on clearance and with using old gift credit)

        Shopping spree to replenish the closet (haven't bought ANYTHING in 2 whole years)

        shirts, sweaters, ties, pants

        Cool stuff I gave:

        Nikon D7000 DSLR w/ 18-105mm VR lens (to my wife)

        Donation to the North Texas SPCA (in honor of our 6yr-old border collie mix, Roxy)

        Indestructible steel Radio Flyer tricycle (to my nephew)

        IOU for a camping trip (to my dad and brother)



          I gave my dad a pair of Clark's Bushacre (read: Desert Boots) that I got off for 45 bucks. Beeswax leather. He's worn them everyday I've been home for the holidays. I think somebody mentioned them on a thread here so they deserve the credit but that's a great price for a great shoe. I can't believe I almost got him a personalized scarf.

          I got two pairs of Dockers D1 khakis in colors I can use. I haven't had much experience with Dockers, but I went to Marshall's when I saw on here that they had a couple of the Alpha style there to try them on and I was surprised at how tight they were. I've never shy-ed away from a tight pair of pants, sometimes to the chagrin to those around me (read: girlfriend), but those things were overkill. I have a small frame but I couldn't see myself ever wearing those. Getting the D1 was great and actually I got one pair D1 and the other D2 but I exchanged the D2 for my second pair of D1s because they seemed so baggy.



            @ArizonaSecrets - You might want to check the clearance section in Kohl's. Last time I went, they had D1s for between $4-$7.



              Among books, clothes and other things

              this from my parents:


              this from my in-laws:





                That's a slick duffel. I like it.