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2011 Christmas Gifts

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    2011 Christmas Gifts

    I wanted to start a thread about the gifts we will be receiving over the next few days. You can include descriptions and or pictures along with it. I know since most of us here have a "thing" for clothing, style, shoes, I thought we probably will be receiving a decent amount of those items for christmas. So what better way to show / share the items than with each other online. Now granted, it doesn't have to be specifically clothing related items, share anything! Electronic's, toys, games, heck, if u got a new car, share it!

    I will be posting a description of my items and a link of the pictures after I have received them all by tomorrow. I know its now Christmas Eve, so if you have already opened gifts, feel free to add it here!

    EDIT: OnlyShawn's request (which i agree with) If you have given an awesome gift this year, or did something for someone, go ahead and share it with us!


    I'd add, if you gave a particularly awesome gift, share that too.



      Was just about to make a 'What'd you give?' thread. I'll post that stuff and may come back later on.

      Little brother (9) got a camera

      Middle brother (18) got a wool jacket

      Parents got a coffee-maker (not fancy; they, like me, see no need for anything beyond "put coffee and water in->press go->drink")

      Girlfriend got a few fun bottles of wine and some Jim Beam

      I treated myself to a bottle of Jameson



        I'll chime in on the "What you'd Give" post for now and will post pics later of what I received.

        Wife: Perfume x2, nightstand to our bedset, diamond ring, blue ray dvds

        Sister: Clothes, picture, and other stuff my wife picked out

        Dad: Cigar, Apple TV, picture, Chocolate

        Mom: Random stuff from World Market lol

        Dog's : Dog bones, new outfits



          I thought I wasn't going to get anything exciting (not that I'd complain - I suffer from an embarrassment of riches already). But one gift I received that was completely unexpected was a leather Coach messenger bag from my parents! It's an absolutely lovely color, a light walnut with mid-brown accents. And fortunately it doesn't have any exterior Coach branding (other than the little removable dog tag things) so hopefully it won't be as tempting to thieves. I'll try to post pictures later. My mom's a lawyer and this summer for my internship, I had to borrow an old leather briefcase from her since all I have is a backpack and a laptop case. I guess she decided it was time I had a nice bag of my own, and she's been into Coach for a while now.

          Other things I got were a brown merino scarf, a trucker hat with the logo of my favorite hometown deli, a few assorted gift cards, and a giant Julia Child cookbook.

          Stuff I gave: Two-tone gold and silver earrings and a cashmere sweater to my mom; Glencairn glasses and a bottle of whisky to my brother; a Deep Blue tritium watch to my pseudo-brother/best friend; and a new book trilogy for my dad to read.




            I got my kids some cool stuff....

            LL Bean Toboggan I got at Goodwill, like new for $30

            Doctor Who Tardis playset

            Doctor Who Pandorica Figure Set

            Airhogs RC cars

            Nerf dart guns

            From them I got an Amazon gift card, airplane cufflinks, and argyle socks

            Also got a Lands End quilted vest

            Got myself the Barbour x Tokito quilted motorcycle jacket



              I got:

              Stuff from LEC- Brown Crosby Moc-toe boots, dark wash straight fit jeans, this sweater ( ), brown chino belt, and checked poplin shirt

              also wool blend old navy dress pants, target argyle socks, olive green alpaca fleece scarf from STP, The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde), A Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole), Lord of the Rings Online Isengard Expansion (video game)

              We pick out our own presents Three cheers for ridiculous sales at LEC!

              I gave:

              dad- couple sweaters. One target zip cardigan, one merino navy BB crewneck

              mom- perfume (D&G)

              grandma- hand-thrown teapot

              brother- dumbells




                Mom - giant multiple candle holder form hobby lobby

                Dad - 3 pairs of socks and the new Black Keys album

                Bro - jean jacket from Gap

                Bro's GF - an fifth of Jack Daniels

                Uncle - college football sweater


                money, a giant cookbook, and some thrifted ties (at least one of which isn't polyester, lol)



                  Best gift: shimano stradic ci4 1000. A w e s o m e. And an inshore guided fishing trip.

                  Stuff I gave myself...that I still might return: Levi x filson tin cloth jacket, Allen Edmonds Dalton boots....and a ton of LEC.



                    As promised, pics of the new messenger bag...



                    As not promised, a pic of my current locale. Merry Christmas!





                      I got a pair of the Allen Edmonds Strand in Walnut. So great, best shoes I've ever owned. Hard to not want to wear them multiple days in a row. Also just ordered 4 shirts in the BB sale.

                      Got my 8yo son a (faux) leather jacket and helped his mom pick out a navy blazer with gold buttons from LE which he is thrilled about.



                        @BenR Nice bag!



                          I got:

                          Not included in the photos:

                          is my new Iphone4S 32g white version, which i received about two weeks early. (long story)

                          Also, Wife and I received a custom built Wall Cabinet set for our Office.

                          Here is a link to everything I have photographed of what I received this year. My family has grown within the past year with my in laws, also my Fathers new Wife, and not to forget my Mothers Boyfriend. So Christmas seemed a bit over-the-top this year. Im guessing they all wanted to "Kick it off with a bang" for the first christmas with all the new additions.

                          PHOTOS #1-15




                            Quite the haul @Tat! That allen edmonds gift pack looks awesome.



                              @JC ty, my mother has talent when it comes to decorating. Some kind of interior decorating guru!