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What to pair with merlot cords?

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    What to pair with merlot cords?

    So I jumped on the recent Lands End promotion and got myself a pair of the merlot cords, also featured by Joe. I really like the deep red wine color, but was wondering what colors and kinds of tops I can pair it with. Bonus points: What about shoes?


    Well, I'd skip green, unless you wear it Sunday. an olive color might work, maybe not as a solid, but as an accent (belt)

    Grey is good, I'd go lighter, but charcoal would work. Navy is fine, esp. when layered with something lighter underneath (sweater and henley, for example), a blue Oxford will always work, as will any whites, browns...

    Really any basic color, keep them muted and in a similar tonal range (no bright yellows)...fall colors. Just skip other reds and green.

    Shoes: browns will work fine. I'd do lighter brown with them. My natural color mctavishes would work great. Any less dressy leather shoes you have should be fine; boots especially. These, for example, would be killer (in looks and on your wallet):

    Denim jacket would work great, too, with a cream henley underneath.



      Shawn is right Awn. Yes, that just happened.

      Seriously though, those cords aren't neutral and if you subscribe to the standard of wearing only one non-neutral piece in your ensemble (sometimes two if they're little items like pocket square and cuff links) then just pair it with neutral colored pieces and you'll be GTG.

      Brown boots, brown belt, blue OCBD, that cream henley or sweater, perhaps a moss green vest and you'll be solid.

      Don't think too much. Keep other things neutral and you'll be fine.



        Thanks for the awesome suggestions, guys. Gives me quite a few ideas. I'll keep in mind to keep it simple and pair with neutrals.




          I bought Merlot colored cords from Lands End Canvas as well and I was going to come here to ask the same as exact question lol.

          Right now would be a perfect opportunity for a group hug.

          I went with the slim fit cords tho.



            Vinny; how slim are the slims? Compared to 501's or 514's, if you have em.



              Shawn, their fit is a bit slimmer than the 514. Mostly through the calf. The thighs are slim but not overly so, and there is a pretty solid taper below the knee. Overall, it's a pretty good fit. I think I prefer 514, though.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                Yeah sorry Shawn, I haven't received them in the mail yet. I ordered them early in the week.



                  my straight fit cords just came in the mail and overall I like the fit. Unfortunately, the waist is super small! Might have to size up two whole sizes which is really odd.



                    I received the Merlot colored slim fit cords in the mail. I'm 6ft tall 160 pounds.

                    I bought these in a 32/32 and frankly they don't fit slim at all. The waste fits perfect the length is fine but theres a bit of excess on the sides. Overall it's not terrible but its not super slim like I was expecting.

                    The leg opening at the bottom is very slim tho. Someone said 6-5/8", it's pretty ok.

                    They are comfy tho, I just need to wear them properly sometime.



                      LEC's SF options, in my experience, are a bit bigger than I personally would like in the thighs.



                        anything blue works for me. Merlot/Burgandy color with blues and brown is great in the winter. Light blue shirt, navy blue sweater - you're set



                          Leg opening is 6 5/8"? How do you even get your foot through that? I usually wear 7 1/2" leg opening and those are about as slim as I can take. Good thing I know they're that narrow, now i'm def not getting them.