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Brands that fit you best off the rack?

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    Brands that fit you best off the rack?

    For reference I am 5'10" 178lbs (give or take)

    Since I started wearing my clothes more fitted and "Dappered" approved I've noticed certain brands fit me nicely off the rack and others well, don't at all

    Brands that fit very well for shirts include H&M (size large) Sonoma at Kohl's (medium) and surprisingly the George line at Wal-Mart (medium)

    Express fitted shirts aren't bad, but still billowy and not tapered enough in certain areas

    Unfortunately, a lot of the department store brands fit me terribly. Sizing down helps and tailoring always fixes the problem.


    I've pretty much resigned myself to the Express Extra Slim Fit for button downs. I just can't bring myself to wear anything else in my closet.

    Recently, I picked up a bunch of crewneck and v-neck Medium Tall t-shirts from Old Navy's website, both long sleeve and short sleeve. Now, it's all I wear for layering since the longer bodies don't untuck themselves every time I move.



      Gant rugger. You can occasionally find a good deal on one on eBay, and they're higher quality shirts than many. Of course, BB extra slims work well also, and can similarly be found cheaper in eBay.



        I second the Brooks Brothers extra slim fit. Have five or so of them and love them all. They might be a little pricey, but hold out for sales and you'll do well. Speak of the devil...



          BB Slim & Charles Tyrwhitt Slim for me

          Bonobos straight leg pants fit me perfectly as do Gap straight leg jeans



            Banana Republic tailored fit is the best for me in terms of jackets. For shirts, GAP slim fit and Eddie Bauer slim fit. Levi's 514 are definitely the best in jeans. I can't find anything else even close to them.




              @ Joe G,

              Are the Kohl's sonoma shirts dress shirts? I am surprised to hear they fit trim, I have never found a shirt at kohls where the trim or tailored fit is actually trim. I wear nordstrom smartcare trim, but would love a source on some cheap well fitting dress shirts



                @Hardrain - They are not in the dress shirt section, no. They're more sport/ casual although I wear them to work with absolutely zero issues.

                I think the key is that I size down from a Large to a Medium. The medium fit is very slim, only a little tight in the neck. But I wear them with the collar open so there's no problem there.

                Next time you're at Kohl's give them a shot




                  I agree about the Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit shirts. I bought one NWT on eBay a few weeks ago for cheap and I absolutely love the way it fits. I've never tried the Sonoma shirts, but I received a Geoffrey Bean non-iron slim fit shirt as a gift and it's not bad. I have a few Brooks Brothers non-iron slim fits that I've found on eBay and I really like them. Try looking at TJMaxx or Marshall's for some good deals also.



                    Usually Ben Sherman SOHO shirts in XS or S fits me perfect for my casual about town shirts.