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    My thoughts on Dalton boot

    Ordered from the amazon, 285 shipped, overnight, got them a few hours's my thoughts, in the event anyone else is interested.

    1) definitely a good deal at 285.

    2) leather seems, honestly, a little plasticky for what is supposed to be quality shoes. NOW, MIND YOU, my other 'good' shoes are a pair of sid mashburn dub monks, AE mctavish 'rough' series, and oak street bootmakers penny loafers in horween chromexcel leather. so, my normal leather shoes tend toward either very quality leather, or more waxy leather. I'm not "used to" a regular leather shoe, at least not brand new. Also, the leather I work with is either cordovan or chromexcel, so I'm used to the feel of that, not this thinner, stiffer calf that the daltons are made of.

    3) probably the most annoying thing is that the leather, perhaps because it's brand new, creaks a little when you move in it. The tongue rubbing against the rest of the shoe just keeps making noise. quite annoying. Perhaps a good coat of shoe cream would...umm...lube it up a bit, but I don't want to go that route, as I might not keep these.

    4) they seem to be both narrower and shorter than my mctavishes, both in an 11.5D. That is a little confusing, at least as far as the width goes, as the mctavish is on a 5 last, while the dalton is on a 1. The 1 last should be wider than the 5, based on what I read on AE's lasts page ( Comparison between the shoes physically shows that the dalton is definitely shorter than the mctavish, by probably 1/2". Width is difficult to determine visually, but they definitely feel tighter. btw; I believe that I would fit well in a mctavish in an 11E or 11EE, but they didn't have that when I wanted to get these mct's. The 11.5D works, but I'm saying I could hypothetically be an 11E/EE in a 5 last and a 12D in a 1 last. Maybe use that if you're deciding which shoes to buy online?

    5) Toe shape is not as sleek as my Sid monks, but it is quite nice; similar to the 1 lasted mctavishes, but without the rather clunky double oak sole (only thing I dislike about McT's, an otherwise awesome shoe).

    6) the burnishing on the shoe annoys me. I don't really know why it annoys me, except perhaps that I read others not liking factory-applied burnishing, and decided that I'd adopt that attitude...I definitely do that sometimes, much as it annoys me to admit about myself. Burnishing is also not equal between the two shoes; one is noticeably darker...that would equalize over time, but it's there.

    A note on AE's excellent customer service. Doubting that it would be possible, I called my local AE store, and told them that I'd bought a pair of Dalton's from Amazon. I asked if there was any way I could swap my AZ Daltons out, still unblemished and "new", for a different size. Employee called district manager and got the ok. That's just remarkable.

    They didn't have the shoe in an 11.5E, but did have a 12D. I'm going by tomorrow to see if a swap works for me.


    Thanks for the in depth review!

    Just for reference sake I have Strands (5 last) and wear a 9.5E in them. I got fitted for Malverns (1 last) and would wear a 10D in those. It's weird that your Daltons feel tighter than your McTavish's. It's a possibility that your McTavish's have just been broken in and now wear much better.

    If the Daltons you have now are not excruciatingly uncomfortable then I wouldn't suggest resizing. Maybe break them in for a litte awhile and this would go away.

    Side note: I have AE Margates in black and those too looked plasticy when I got them. I put a glacage on the toe and heel, so that has helped, and through wear they do look much better now.



      Shawn, thanks for sharing. Quite a nice selection of shoes you have there! The Sid monks are incredible. Look forward to hearing your final decision and future thoughts on the Daltons.



        I scored an amazing find on those sids; 275 on eBay. I loved them the moment I saw them, but could never spend $600 on them. 275 was a gamble, as the seller had no feedback, but it paid off for sure.



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          @Shawn - Your description is exactly what my experience was/is. Did you end up finding a pair that works? You might have answered this elsewhere, but I didn't catch it.

          I agree - it's a tight toe box which was confusing because it's a 1 last. I figured of all places, I would have space in the toe, but it's the tightest there. Anyways, over in about a week of very regular wear...the shoe has stretched out. Plus keeping a shoe tree whenever I wasn't wearing them.

          My feet were hurting, but now it's pretty comfortable. I might still take them up on their offer to stretch the shoe in the toe, but it's at the point where I can wear them for hours, and I only think about the toes once or twice.

          After wearing them, I've decided against any kind of sole insert. The native arch support is pretty decent. With my skinny legs, I really have to crank down on the laces to get it to close around my ankle, but when they're on, I feel great. Tons of comments which fuels my inflated ego.

          Any thoughts on how dressy you can get with the Dalton? I'm expecting to see this sucker in a week or so, and I'm thinking it'll be formal enough to go together. It has an edge on the Hawkings McGill boot in terms of the leather sole.



            returned those daltons...even after local AE store stretched them for me to get some width, I just wasn't happy with them; mostly the creaking. ended up finding a pair of alden x leather soul jumper boots on ebay and got those, as well as the rw x jcrew 2904's (and, umm...a pair of duck boots). My boot itch has been scratched: 'dress,' work, and sloppy.

            I think you could probably wear it with the suit; depends on how your shirt/tie/accessories played out. you can't go super-business above the waist and those boots below.