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hypothetically thinking, if you had 100$ gift card to

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    hypothetically thinking, if you had 100$ gift card to

    Aldos...What would you buy?

    I have received a pair of loafers from Aldos (which don't fit correctly) for christmas. So with the return, I will be of course wanting to try and find something worth while. Can anyone attest to some decent shoes there? Dress shoes prefered, casual excepted, boots considered

    Anyone have experience with "Mr. B's line"?


    I've heard good things about the Mr. B line. Can't remember where, maybe Style Forum? It was linked to, either here or on Dappered, a while back. I saw lots of reviews and pics that looked good and had good things to say about the shoes.

    I would definitely go with the wingtips - either the Blake boots or the Adamis shoes. I'm digging the cognac color but there are more conservative options as well. For $175 they're pretty rich for my blood, but for $75 after a $100 gift card, they could definitely be worth it.

    P.S. Does Christmas happen a week early where you are? ;-)




      I envy you. Blake boot. DOOOOO IT!



        I'll be getting the cognac Adamis in a few months, I can't wait! They really are something.

        And here's the thread on Style Forum BenR is probably referring to :



          those are some gorgeous sets of shoes, i think i might add these to the wishlist for next year since i am tapped dry this year...

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            Christmas happens throughout the week for my family. I have a big family, and we have to get it in, where we can fit it in.

            But this was just a small part of my christmas, the rest will take place the day before along with the day of.

            I cant decide between the dark brown Blake boot, or the bordeaux color. I like the Adamis as well, but I dont need another cognac color shoe, as I already own the Sanford in Walnut which covers that category well. The grey version, looks a bit too silver-ish to me...doubt it looks good in person. And so were left with the black pair, which I have no issues with, except I already own 3 pairs of black dress shoes, and recently added some vintage florsheim Imperial black longwing blutchers.

            So I think I'm left with the Blake boot being the appropriate choice, now deciding on a color...



              The Adamis, Blake, and Woodland are all gorgeous, at least in the pictures on the website. Read through the SF thread... Some people were having quality issues with them. Nothing major, just little things, but for that money I'll stick with my Florsheim Gaffneys.



                @Tat on that thread they said the brown was consistent but the Bordeaux varied from boot to boot.



                  jason; this IS styleforum we're talking about, here. Criticism is to be expected. Not that I'm saying these Mr. B's are the bees knees, but a grain or two of salt is in order.

                  I'm trying my darndest not to just order the AE dalton and consider it 'done' on boots....mmmm....



                    The dalton is an investment for sure, but boy is it worth it...

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      I want these so very very much...




                        Yes rose Cordovans are excellent looking strands!

                        I was leaning towards the brown blake boots to begin with.

                        I'll have to see if they have em in store for a try-on



                          AE dalton boots....ORRR-DURRRED. 25% off on amazon, prime shipping $5 overnight, and they're here tomorrow. winn-ning at $285 shipped.

                          I did love those daltons in cordovan, but even at $100 off, that's just too much. I'd spend that much on a new pair of Sid Mashburn dub monks (if i didn't find a used pair on ebay already...that I happen to be wearing right now), but I couldn't justify it on a pair of boots.

                          Tat; they had those mrB at a local aldo here in orlando, so they do carry 'em in stores.

                          one thing I always consider: can I resell this, if I decide I no longer like it? Sometimes, that means changing what I'd buy to keep resalability. To that end, you're probably not going to be able to sell mr. b's as easily as AE's. Just something to consider.



                            @OnlyShawn that's something I've been thinking about a lot recently too. Clothes lose value faster than cars even, except for those few really good brands of shoes and suits. It's definitely worth keeping in mind. Of course, those AE Daltons in shell cordovan will lose more in value the first time you wear them than most shoes cost at the mall, but still



                              I've really only gone this route because of my position in having to return a pair of Aldo's.. Thus, in return grants me store credit.

                              And with that thinking mentality, can I really resell any Aldo's...?