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Bought the beloved Thompson Suit as first suit...does this fit?

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    Bought the beloved Thompson Suit as first suit...does this fit?

    So I ended up choosing the J.crew Thompson Factory suit after all the love it was getting on this site. Since I have never bought a suit before I wanted to know if this fitted correctly. I have a 39.5 chest and bought the suit in 40R. People say miraculous things about the fit but this does not feel as fitted as my 40R blazers from Gap or BR. Can I get your guys opinion?

    Shoulder Shot:

    Side Shot:

    Amount of space at the sides (looks like it will need tailoring?)

    Full shot:


    Can you get a full body picture of you with your arms by your side from the front, back, and each side?

    My first reaction is that the shoulders fit pretty well, but it definitely needs waist suppression, but with the closer up pics it's harder to tell.



      From what I've seen on these boards and in Joe's review, it seems to me that--perhaps--a 38R is the way to go for those who normally wear a 40R. I've been looking at the suit myself, but it's hard to know whether to get a 40 or 38 size jacket. That's the frustrating thing about shopping for a suit online.



        I've mostly quit trying w/o pit-to-pit dimensions. I should do shoulder-shoulder dims, but I've found if the chest fits I'm usually pretty good.



          It looks too big all around. I would try a 38R.

          ...Also, I'm jealous that you found one of these!



            Looks a little on large side based on the shoulders--try a 38 if it's not the fit you want. I take a 38S in the Ludlow line, and ordered the tweed J.Crew Factory blazer but was surprised to find that the 38 was just too big in the shoulders. Didn't take measurements, but the 38 Factory was definitely larger than the 38 Ludlow--given my experience the need to size down doesn't surprise me. Frankly, if you don't think it fits, it probably doesn't. Maybe keep the 40 and order the 38 and compare. Good luck!




              So, are you recommending that people who buy the Thompson suit go for a jacket size one below what they normally wear? So, for example, if I normally wear a 40S, I should wear a 38S in the Thompson (and, presumably, Ludlow) fit?



                Squire, yes, while I have not tried the Factory suit, based on my experience with a J. Crew Factory sportcoat, I would recommend sizing down in the Factory line relative to what you might wear in the normal J. Crew suit/sportcoat lines. I would echo the recommendations for a 38 for you. I take a 38S in the normal J.Crew lines, but the 38 Factory coat was too large on me--if they made a 36R I would have gone for that. (I'm of similar height but a little less bulky than Joe, who takes a 38 in the Factory line, if we want to use him as a frame of reference). Hope this helps!




                  Thanks for the information. It's helpful to know how the Thompson sizes fit. I wouldn't want to incur additional shipping charges to change a size, you know?



                    So this seems to be against what everyone else has said, but for a little more reference..

                    I just got the thompson jacket in the mail tonight. I usually wear a 41 if it is available, but 42 if not. Ordered the 42R in Thompson and it fits like a glove. Not big at all. Just my experience.



                      Hardrain can you tell me your chest? is the thompson looking more snug on you than it does on me?




                        I am not sure of my exact chest measurement. I will let you know if I get around to measuring. It is hard to tell how yours fits at the sides as the picture kind of just blends in with your arms, but yes it is more snug in the chest area