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    Shoulder bag advice

    I'm looking for a versatile shoulder bag for every day city use - shoulder/messenger/field bag/briefcase, whatever you want to call it. Something with a shoulder strap that can fit a 15inch laptop and some books. Should I be looking at waxed canvas or leather? And what are typical price ranges? What features do you find useful/should I be looking for? Any recommendations greatly appreciated of course. Thanks!


    Here are some threads to start at:

    Cheap Work Bag

    Messenger Bag Tips

    Leather Messenger Bag Suggestions

    Messanger Bag Thoughts

    Rustic Leather

    Copper River Bags Reviews

    My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



      What price range would be max?



        Thanks for the links - helpful stuff. Looking to spend around $200. A little more if I reeeaally like it. So no Saddleback for me (their thin briefcase is a beauty).

        I've looked at Filson, Rustic Leather, Fossil, Copper River, LEC, JCrew, Jack Spade. So far, I like this one from Property of... and this and this from Diaz on Etsy (thanks for that link). I also like this one from JCrew, but they've conveniently excluded it from their sale so at $300 I'll look elsewhere.



          I am looking for a bag to replace the company-issued HP branded garbage I am currently using. Thanks YackoYak for the list of threads to read.

          I have had my eye on the J. Crew factory laptop bag -

          I like the style and even better the price sometimes dips under $50. However, I am planning on using this bag forever so I want something that will last. I think because the bag is made out of cotton it will wear/fray and not look good unlike a leather bag that will wear and look better with age.

          I would be willing to spend around $150 for a quality bag. Of course, less is better.

          Copper River Bags - I think the Voyager has too much going on, the Journeyman is better but I don't like those D rings hanging off of it. These look too country for my taste; I want something more simple. Plus, the default nylon strap does not look right on those bags and there is a $65 up-charge for the leather strap.

          Rustic Leather - I like the briefcase, but the price is up there, there's the logo issue, and I feel it's also a bit too busy for my taste. The Retro Mailbag is awesome and close to what I am looking for but it is only 13" and I would need it to be 15" at a minimum.

          Diaz on Etsy - anyone own one of these? I really like these, alot:

          Thanks for any input!



            No brainer recommended feature - A specially padded compartment for the laptop and thoughtful storage for the cables... Surprisingly not ALL cases these days come with them.

            This one looks nice, and BR is having a 30% off sale right now so that brings it within budget:




              @Alan, that looks nice but what is the deal with these expensive bags not coming with a leather strap? I think it makes it look cheap, unfortunately.



                So I did recently order this brown messenger bag from Diaz on Etsy:


                I thought the color was more versatile - it can go casual and dressed up - than the light brown one:


                The bag is the style I wanted, is at a good price point, and the seller has favorable reviews on Etsy. I am looking forward to receiving it!



                  @tinsley: Sorry for the late response. Nylon straps are really durable and flex well. Leather straps stress over time.

                  BTW, Very cool choice. *thumbs up*



                    Another problem I have with leather straps (at least the beefier ones) is within 10 minutes there's a big sweat stain on your shirt where the strap is. Happens with nylon too, but at least for me it's not as bad. But I agree that leather straps look much better.



                      @tinsley: What are your thoughts on the Diaz bag?

                      I'm in the market for a leather laptop (14-15") bag for work and I'm leaning towards either the Diaz or the Copper River Journeyman right now. Budget is $150-200. Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.



                        The DiazBags posted here are really nice. I might splurge on a briefcase.



                          I just got a bag from Knomo and it's beautiful


                          I was interested in leather, but this waxed canvas looks great.

                          This is one of their smaller bags - they have many other sizes, colors.



                            @JT10000: That bag does look nice but I think it would be too small for me. I'm looking for something that will hold my laptop, a leather portfolio/planner, a book, a bag lunch and maybe a change of gym clothes.

                            Can anyone with either the Diaz bag or the CR bag comment on its storage/usability?

                            Any other recommendations? I know Jason likes his Fossil bag so I might check out the local outlet this weekend. The ones I've seen online look a little plasticky though.




                              I have the Diaz. You could probably get a mid size laptop and your portfolio in there, but there is no way it would take the rest of that stuff too.

                              On the plus size it is very usable, good quality, and looks great.