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Need advice in winter coat and boots

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    Need advice in winter coat and boots

    Hey guys! I'm gonna be moving to Connecticut in January. I will be commuting to NYC 2-3 days a week. I have lived all my life in tropical weather, as such I don't have a coat or boots.

    I'm trying to find a coat and boots that can withstand walking outside about 30 minutes a day. I would love to have both items for $250, but can make go a little higher if there is a significant step up in quality.

    Until know, I have been recommended the Chippewa GQ . This go for $139. I can't seem to find it in another site. Any cheaper alternatives?

    About the coat, will a peacoat keep me warm enough? If so, is this one a good buy?

    I can have it for $150 with a 30% discount code. If there is a cheaper option, please let me know.


    Are you looking for actual winter boots or just nice boots that may also hold up against winter. I know the northeast can get some pretty nasty winters, like MN (my place of residence). You might want some real winter boots. Sorels, Bean boots, Columbias.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      The pea coat w/ thinsulate should be enough if you also have sweaters to layer underneath. You'll also want some warmer pants for days when it's really cold. Something like flannel should work.

      You will probably want a couple pairs of boots, like @greg_s was saying. The ones you picked are fine, but I'd also add a pair of bean boots for when it's really slushy out. Either get the ones that are lined for warmth, or, like me, get the unlined and get some big thick rag wool socks to go inside them.

      Another area you'll want to get is accessories. Gloves, hat, and scarf. Take a look at Sierra Trading Post for scarves. Their Johnston & Elgin Scottish wool scarves are cheap and very nice. Gloves will depend on what you want. I got some very nice cashmere lined leather dress gloves from Allen Edmonds for $49, but you'll probably also want some cheap thinsulate waterproof gloves for playing in the snow.



        Ah, good old Metro North commute. Where is CT, if you don't mind my asking?



          CT is just south of Massachusetts and next to New York



            Woops! I meant "in". I've spent my entire life in the Northeast: grew up in CT, went to school in central NY and lived in BK.

            CT actually had one of the worst winters I can remember this past year in terms of snow, but it's still nearly 50 degrees here today for some reason. I do think a peacoat should be warm enough - it's not like you'll be wearing only a tee shirt underneath it anyway. Personally, I find that the temperatures don't bother me as much as the wind does. As long as you have a nice wool hat, scarf and some gloves you should be able to withstand the weather.

            And if you're commuting to NYC for work (not sure what field you're in), you're going to want some footwear that will protect your feet from the slush of Manhattan curbs and sidewalks.



              @Jason And what if I choose a pea coat without w/o thinsulate? This one I can have for $108. . The thing that worries me about the J.Crew is their return policy, since there isn't a J.Crew store where I live (Puerto Rico). I have used LEC before, and their customer service is superb and there are Sears near me.

              I'm just looking for the most versatile items I can get, because a) The shipping to PR can be hit or miss. Sometimes can be had for free both ways. Other times one way or the other. Sometimes both ways.

              About the gloves, what about this ones from Lands End for $30 H=search-_-deerskin+gloves&origin=search

              I plan to buy the other things (bean boots, more accessories, flannel pants) once I get there. I Have any of you guys had experience with Uniqlo? Anything in particular that is a great buy

              @chern I'm gonna be moving temporarily to Waterbury. That probably is going to be the commute from hell, but I hope I find a room in NYC soon. My field is video post production, so I think I don't have a need to use suits regularly.



                @Hayamate, well, how's your sweater collection? You're going to want to be able to layer under your coat. You'll probably be okay with the LEC peacoat too, and if you start to get too cold get thicker sweaters

                Those gloves look good for dressier gloves, but go and get some $10 waterproof thinsulate gloves for making snowballs and such when you get here. Get them big so you can wear a liner (or even those other gloves) under them. Keeping your hands and feet warm are the hardest and most important things in the cold.