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saying no to a "good deal" - also entitled, self control ftw

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    saying no to a "good deal" - also entitled, self control ftw

    So 99% of the discussion of these posts revolves around the things we have bought, are going to buy, or already own and want to talk about. But many of us have become so addicted to snatching up great deals that we get carried away and end up buying things that we don't really need, or even want, simply because we can.

    So, here's a topic for you. What are the awesome or near-awesome deals you have found, but managed to stop yourself from buying? Was it pure, steely self control that kept you from buying it, or was it just not quite what you were looking for? Or maybe it just wasn't in your budget?

    Today I was able to say "no" to an overpriced ($120!) black G-Shock from Macy's, a $20 full-grain leather belt, and a pair of Clarks Bushacre II for $65, both from Nordstrom Rack. I had actually gotten to the point of handing over my credit card to the sales person for the G-Shock, but when my printed-out discount coupon didn't go through I decided it was probably a sign I should save my money and move on.

    The Buschacres looked great, and they were even in the beeswax color I have been lusting after for a while. But they weren't very comfortable and they had some factory imperfections (probably why they were at Rack and not regular Nordstrom). So I put them back and walked away. Since I was in a putting-back mood anyway, I put the belt back too. I slightly regret that, as it was a nice belt for $20, but I'll get over it.

    Of course, the day wasn't a total success (or... failure?). I ended up finding a basic black G-Shock at Target for less than half the price of the one I saw at Macy's. And I didn't have some salesperson hovering over me while I looked at it. So I got that one, instead. I think I like it better than the more expensive, fashion-oriented one anyway.

    What are your stories of self control success? Do you feel pride, or regret, or maybe both, when you pass up a good deal?



    About the Bushacre,

    Would $45 entice you even more?

    Albeit they have fewer sizes available, they might have your size. I resisted for one they don't have an 8 and I got a pair of Iron rangers to satisfy me for now.

    I current resisting the Lands end canvas jacket. I am saying 60% on buying the jacket. I'll decide when I get home tonight after work.



      Haha, well, I wear a size 8 too (or 7.5 occasionally) so I'm still safe. Plus the ones I tried on just didn't seem very comfortable, too tight in the lace area and too loose everywhere else. And I've got some nice Timberland Earthkeeper moc toe boots, so I'm not in desperate need of casual boots at the moment.

      Your Land's End jacket mindset reminds me of something I will occasionally do... see something I want to buy, and struggle for ages deciding whether or not to buy it. Then I will finally decide not to, and feel very pleased with myself. But maybe a week or so later I will buy it anyway. Thrifting has really saved me from my shopping addiction, at the thrift store I still get the thrill of finding new stuff but it only costs me a couple of bucks a time. :-)




        Good topic. I've found that I need to allow myself to impulse buy some stuff just to help develop some style and try new things, but I also now have a closet filled with items I've yet to wear. I'm trying to be more discerning now. With all the %-off coupons at J Crew, Lands End, Gap, BR, etc. these last few months, on many occasions I've added more than $100 of stuff to my cart and ultimately bought nothing.

        I didn't buy that J.Crew Factory fair isle sweater because I know I really won't wear it more than twice. I didn't pick up some Dockers Alpha pants at TJ Maxx because the fit wasn't perfect and I have a ridiculous amount of pants. I've avoided buying many clearance rack blazers at Macy's because I knew I was mostly drawn to them because they were cheap, not because they looked good.

        Some things I've learned:

        - Unless it really is something special, don't worry about it. Something just as good will come up.

        - Don't buy something because you think you'll wear it at some event and everyone will think you look great in it. In my experience, most people won't even notice. Only buy if *you* like it and it fits your style.

        - Except for staple items, don't buy something because it's on sale and you can concoct some situation where you'll wear it. I think I've wasted more money buying stuff that I never wore than I would have if I paid less attention to sales and bought what I really needed when I needed it.

        Ultimately I'm still trying to get better at "buy fewer, but better" - it's hard to get used to paying twice as much (or more) for clothing, but that's the way it goes when you start to pay more attention to style, fit, and quality.



          I'm pretty bad at this... What I do is identify things I want to get then I'm on the lookout for how I can get them cheaply. I will not pay full price unless it's an emergency. I did that with the LEC fair isle sweater. I wanted a fair isle but I didn't like the ones that have been on sale enough to pull the trigger. When the LEC sale came up, I pounced and got the red one for around $50.

          I had been wanting some casual boots, and I had identified the Sebago Beacons early on. I also saw the Polo Brawley with the tan leather and green canvas that I liked. I didn't see a way to get them cheap at the time so it went on the back burner. When I found those Timberland moc-toe chukkas I suddenly really wanted them again, so I've been looking around. There's no Beacons to be had in my size for under $130 though, so it's been frustrating. Fortunately I found the Eastland Seneca which look pretty much identical at Famous Footwear for $50 and they're on the way:


          I've still got some stuff on my shopping list that I'm contemplating, but I'm not going to overspend to get them and I'm hoping I can eventually find them at a thrift at some point. My thrifting habit really helps here as I let the stuff go by like a river and pull out the things I like, whether I'm wanting / needing it or not. Good quality is good quality and you only get one chance at the thrift stores. Besides, I can always flip it on eBay if I decide I don't want it.



            LEC and bonobos return policies have been killing self control for me. If I'm interested, I get it, then return probably 80% of it.

            Also, eBay watch lists. And yoox.



              oh my---those desert boots---are they leather or suede? I don't even know which I have but I will buy another right now.



                And just like that the self control thread lured someone into spending money



                  oh my---those desert boots---are they leather or suede? I don't even know which I have but I will buy another right now.



                    oh my---those desert boots---are they leather or suede? I don't even know which I have but I will buy another right now.



                      My strategy has always been that if I have ANY doubts about a product online, I try not to get it.

                      Same thing goes for in store. If you don't love it on the spot, odds are you probably won't love it later.



                        I have been fighting the urge on a RL Polo jacket I have seen at Marshals for the past two months. I've gone there probably 3 times and have not pulled the trigger...yet. I'm so tempted because I love it so much as a casual quilted non-puffy jacket. But the marshals price tag reads $199.99. Granted the online sale price right now is 350, marked down from 500.

                        It looks much better in person than online pictures. The belt can be removed as well. Nice casual alternative jacket with a different color and quilted without being bulky.





                          That's a cool jacket... Looks a lot like the Barbour Mulholland:


                          I see Barbour quilted jackets on eBay a lot... You might look there for those or the RL



                            Haha, Jason, you need a 12 step program! You're enabling too!

                            BenR - great topic, and I agree with trash's points.

                            I think the demographic on this site can relate to my experience of growing up wanting things but not having the money to starting a career, having dual incomes, and being <b>able</b> to afford what I want but stuck with the dilemma of whether or not it's a good use of the money.

                            My kids aren't going to go hungry if I buy a $30 sweater. The mortgage will still be paid on time if my wife walks in the door with a new pair of tall leather boots. But like trash is saying, it makes no sense to stuff the closet with things you buy on a whim. Deals are great for staples, and I've stocked up on them. Now, when someone finds a good deal on a great item to work into the wardrobe, I try to gauge how important it is.

                            I don't have a scarf. Gap had them on sale, so I bought a scarf. I have 5 pairs of pants that fit well and cover a range of colors and purposes, so I don't need pants. If a pair of wool or gray flannel or corduroy pants in my size are on sale after Christmas, I would probably buy them. But I don't NEED them, so I didn't buy them yesterday.

                            One outlet that I would love to have: I wish friends of mine would ask me to help them select a new wardrobe. It would be fun to spend their money and piece together things for them! Sounds therapeutic!



                              I agree with Trash. I found this blog to be great, and these posts in particular:




                              Also, imagine the horror:


                              Dappered is great, but sometimes too tempting. I actually was at Sears and tried on the LEC waxed canvas jacket in burnt ochre - fit great and looked sharp, but I don't need a jacket. It was really hard to admit that. (Also, I had a hard time deciding if it would be passe in 5 years...if it were olive colored, I'd have bought it).

                              I started following Dappered in Oct/Nov. Most of what I've bought from LEC, LLBean Signature, and JCrew is summer stuff on sale for 50-75% off, because it was Fall/Winter. Here's a thought: If fashion truly is timeless, shouldn't the Winter stuff be super cheap come Summer?

                              I have most of the staples on the "good wardrobe" list. So I can wait for, say, the quilted barbour vest or a navy duffle coat or an olive waxed canvas field coat to go on sale in May (or never). I just have to have the self-discipline to stick to this philosophy.

                              To answer the original thread ? of what deals have I resisted: That LEC waxed canvas coat for $90. Clark Bushacres for $65 (they really aren't comfortable for me). The LLBean Signature whipcord blazer and twill sportcoat on their sale page. LEC shawl cardigan in red (have it in Navy...tempted when it was $40). And a couple LEC sweaters when it was 40% off one item.

                              What deals have I regretted buying: The LEC chambray blazer. Even for $24, will I wear it?

                              Great thought-provoking question, BenR.