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Elastic Military Shirt Stays

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    Elastic Military Shirt Stays

    Ever used these? They have a rubber pad that locks your shirt or socks against a metal ring and keeps your shirt tucked in no matter what side bends or situps you do. I wore them for my uniform, and I like wearing them with dress shirts, when I remember to.

    I just noticed that they have different variations for sale that let you put a loop around your foot or use two clamps on the shirt and only one on your sock...

    It can certainly distort your shirt tails, so you don't want to use these a lot then switch to wearing it untucked because they leave a pretty permanent indent unless your shirts are polyester.

    Anyone wear them? Thoughts?


    My father, being in the Navy, wore them every day. And yet, I do not know where to buy them.

    I'd use them on shirts that I only wear tucked in, which is 90% of my shirts.



      You can click the picture for the Amazon item and description.

      I've got a couple at the bottom of my closet that I need to organize!



        I'm currently Active Duty in the Navy and I wear them everyday with my uniform. There great for keeping your shirt tucked in and implying a slimmer silhouette. However, be warned that they will overtime give you two strips of missing hair on your legs.



          I wear these all the time at work. My regular wardrobe is jeans with a button down shirt, dress/casual shoes.

          I am in IT, and am always digging around the backs of PC/Server equipment, so these really help my shirts to stay not only tucked in, but stay in the proper place no matter how I twist and move.

          Check ebay, lots of choices.



            Ever have them goof up your gig line? As in, have you had it pull your shirt to the left or the right a little too much?



              A discussion on shirt stays has sprung up in the WIWT thread. I thought that it'd be worthwhile to breathe new life in this thread rather than clutter that thread.

              Here's a link about shirt stays written by Joe on's main page.

              Does anyone use these? How do you prevent crotch snapping from occurring? How do you explain your use of a garter when you undress in front of a lover?

              Have you ever had one come loose and snake up or down your trousers while in a conversation? "What was that? What just slid up your leg towards your...? Oh my GOD!"



                So what happens when you bend your knees? Cause I'm picturing the elastic making some weird stretch to your pants when that happens.



                  It adds vertical interest when undressing.

                  The problem is when they snap going down, and you wind up with a garter hanging out of your pants, pulling down your sock.

                  When they're working well, they're fantastic. I love the added spring in my step, and no one else would know my secret. Just like Spanx.