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Dark blue v-neck sweater

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    Dark blue v-neck sweater

    Hey everybody. I'm looking for a DARK blue v-neck sweater to wear around Christmas time. I'm planning to wear a tie under it, so I'd like a deep enough V that the tie knot and slightly more is visible, however not "metro" deep. I don't want the fabric to be paper thin, but I'm not looking for super heavy and bulky either. Same goes for fit, not super tight or baggy, just comfortable and modern. Price isn't a major issue, but preferably under $40 or $50 if possible. No logos.

    Does anyone have personal recommendations? Online is okay but I'd rather try-on in store. The front runner now seems to be the Kenneth Cole outlet, they had some gorgeous v-neck sweaters for $30 last time I was there.


    A couple of suggestions from Lands' End Canvas:

    A wool - cotton blend

    And a cashmere cotton blend



      I was just going to recommend LEC also.



        3rd on LEC, also LL Bean has some nice cotton sweaters that are affordable



          I have a Kenneth Cole (reaction actually) gray/black striped v neck, which is pretty awesome. Not tight at all, but fitted. Bought it at Macy's.



            Excellent suggestions - thanks guys!

            I love that cashmere offering from LEC. That's exactly the shade of blue I want and the V looks perfect. Problem is, I think I'd be a size Large and they don't have it! Grrrrr! I'm 5'10" and 185 pounds, can I get away with a medium?

            Keep the links coming if you know of any more sweaters that would work...



              I'm 5'10" with a 43" chest (and 49" or 50" around the shoulders, I think?), and an LEC large shirt or sweater is perfect for me. A medium would be skin-tight on me. So if you're slimmer than that, a medium might be okay.



                I am 5' 11" and 190 lbs, I am a medium in all the LEC sweaters I have bought. I have a 41" chest.



                  I'm 6'2", 175 lbs, 39-40" chest and I wear a small in both LEC and J Crew sweaters. Only issue I occasionally run into is having the sleeves be an inch or so short.



                    Haha, wow. Three posts and three conflicting sizes. Thanks for your help though, regardless

                    I'm 5'10" and about 187lbs. I'm not sure what my chest measurement is, but my tailor told me I have "broad shoulders". I'm thinking a large might be the most comfortable fit - but then again Mediums often look more flattering on me if they aren't too tight. It's a tightrope walk, ya know?

                    Is there anywhere I can go try on LEC products in-person? Sears?

                    Feel free to suggest more brands if you know of any as well.



                      I think you're only getting conflicting sizes because of their personal preferences for how tight/baggy they wear their sweaters.

                      Personally, I think slim fit on sweaters is better as long as you're not going TOO tight.

                      Another option is Charles Tyrwhitt's wool v-necks. It is on the thinner side, but I personally think it is substantial enough. By comparison the wool-cotton LEC v-neck is very thick. Also, note that the LEC v-neck looks very casual and the navy is their usual odd faded navy (which I personally do not find very attractive. YMMV.)