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    Suit choice

    I'm in the market for as nice of a suit as possible within my budget of around $300. I'm wondering if I should get one at Jos. A. Bank at one of their massive sales or get an off the rack suit on sale at J-Crew or Macy's and have it tailored. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help everyone.


    I would stay away from Jos. A Bank. There 65-70% off sales get there cheapest suits down to like $165, but I dont think it is worth it. I own one ad they are really poor quality. material feels cheap and a button fell off not too long into owning it. Not to mention their stuff is cut pretty baggy. EDIT: I forgot that with JAB their suits only come with pleated pants, so you have to spend a little extra to get suit separates if you like flat front.

    I recently purchased a Tommy Hilfiger Slim fit suit for about 170 with a sale and a coupon I had. If you dont have a Macy's card, get one and combine those discounts with a macy's sale to get a great bargain on something. I haven't worn the TH suit yet, the pants are being hemmed, but so far I like it a lot. Far better than my Jos. Bank stuff.

    The Jcrew factory suit is also pretty popular. I ordered the pants recently for 65 when they had a big sale. The jacket wasn't available in my size. I plan on ordering the jacket during another sale and when I have some more cash.



      Thanks for the help Hardrain, I'll keep my eye on that J Crew factory suit!




        I've been looking at both the Tommy Hilfiger and the J Crew factory suit myself, actually. I'd appreciate your thoughts on how those two compare in terms of fit, look, and quality. I've heard that the TH slim fit, while slim, is not as modern as J Crew's fit. But, I've also heard that the J Crew suit can also be a little too modern and unprofessional.



          Today and over the weekend you can get a Lands End flannel suit for 40% off and free shipping. Making the suit $165. Get the dark charcoal one if you're just starting out. It's decent enough quality, and for that price you really can't beat it. Use the money you save to have it tailored; get the pants unfinished. If it doesn't fit Lands End has a very good exchange policy. If you don't like it at all (unlikely) you can return it to your closest Sears and save on shipping.

          Info on the sale:






            I can not say enough about the JCrew Factory suit. It fit me perfect off the rack. I took it to a tailor and he turned me a way because in his words he did not want to ruin the perfect fit. This coming from the best tailor in Charlotte according to many reviews.

            I have only worn it twice, so I can't speak to the long term quality, but for $198 I am very happy.



              @ Squire

              When I ordered the J.Crew factory it was back ordered and I have yet to receive it, so I can't provide a comparison. From what I can tell from other comments on the JCrew (including bremersm ^), I would guess that the TH is less modern and trim. The TH is more trim than your average suit but would definitely still pass as a traditional professional/business cut.

              I am a little disappointed about the cut of the TH pants. They are 9.25" inches across at the opening which is pretty large and they kind of "spill over" my shoes for lack of a better description. I am going to need to get them tapered.

              I ordered the pants with a 34" length, even though I wear 31", because I wanted to get them cuffed and needed the extra fabric. Does anyone know if this is what would cause them to be wider at the opening?



                How is the fit on the Thompson suit? I fit perfectly in gap blazers 40R with a39.5 chest but the 40R thompson seems bigger?




                  Thanks for your comments. Like I said in my first post, I've been looking at getting the Thompson Factory suit; it'd be easier if I could try the jackets on to see what size is best. I'm in between a 38 and 40, so its difficult to know which direction to go. From what I hear, it seems that, if you are in between sizes, it is best to lean towards the 38 rather than the 40.

                  Can anyone with experience with the Thompsons suit offer any suggestions or guidance when it comes to which size of jacket to get for the Thompson suit?



                    My brother-in-law just got a great looking suit at Jos A Bank on Black Friday and had it tailored in store. Looks sharp on him, but he's much more filled out than I am. Their stuff is for a more average and larger body type.