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Cool iPad2 case

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    Cool iPad2 case

    Anyone got any recommendations? Work just got me an iPad2 to replace my old iPad, and I'd like a cool case for it... I'm thinking nice leather, but I'm open to other options.

    I don't want just a sleeve. I'd like to be able to prop it up for watching videos. I like to be able to hold it or put it on a slant to write on it or sketch with a stylus.



    I've been thinking of making one (I make stuff out of leather). I could send you a picture of a sleeve I made for my macbook air a few months ago, you tell me if you like it. I've been kicking a design around in my head for a couple weeks, and making two wouldn't be out of the question.



      What's your ideal budget, Jason?

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Jason, check out WaterField bags:

        They're handmade in San Francisco.



          @OnlyShawn - I really want to get into leather craft. Do you have any tips?

          @Jason - sorry to threadjack. I really like this one.



            I like this one from Etsy ($108):



              @OnlyShawn post a pic or two here... Maybe you'll get more than one customer

              @greg_s probably in the $40-50 range

              @Glen yeah, I like that one... I like this version in leather even more:

              @gzav, I want more than just a sleeve... If I was going for a sleeve I'd probably go for the one from Rustic Leather:



                Have a look through the products tagged on Svpply, there are plenty of options:



                  I've been using this one for the past 8 months in brown


                  It's solid, great protection, the plaid lining is cotton, and there is contrast stitching on the front cover. The 2 bumps let you tilt the screen in 2 angles (neither in document orientation, both in landscape) - but don't hold it very securely as there's nothing but friction holding it. If you jostle a little bit the screen will slip.

                  Overall I've been happy with it though.



                    What is it that u do, where your work has purchased u an Ipad2?

                    I need that job !



                      ...decided I need to play with the design a bit more. Not happy with it yet.



                        @Weng, that looks pretty cool... Other ones I'm looking at:


                        Really interesting design and I love the materials... A bit pricy though


                        I like this one 'cause it's got space for a pad and other stuff and it's leather



                          @Tat I build software and we're planning some mobile tablet apps



                            nice, keep me informed on new apps

                            I am an apple fanatic!



                              These make it look and feel like a hardcover book. I think they are awesome. I prefer the J. Crew classic hardcover book versions, but the classic DodoCase has a bit of a leathery Moleskin journal look from my understanding.



                              Both are awesome, but that first one is the J. Crew exclusive version, at a higher price.

                              Good luck!