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looking for a gray or heather gray colored, deep v-neck undershirt

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    looking for a gray or heather gray colored, deep v-neck undershirt

    I am looking for gray (preferably heather gray) colored; deep v-neck undershirts to wear underneath my collared dress shirts. I find that gray works better than white (inhibits seeing the outline of the undershirt). Thing is, so far it seems that I am finding more choices in white than gray and the gray's that I have found, the v-neck does not seem to be deep enough. At work, I will often wear slacks/khakis and a dress shirt (no tie) and I don't want the undershirt to be seen towards the neckline. I prefer a v-neck over a A-Frame style undershirt. I suppose the material should be thin enough not to cross the boundaries of a thicker v-neck that one may wear exposed with a pair of jeans.

    Surprisingly, I could not find a heather gray v-neck from Hanes, Jockey or Fruit of the Loom.

    Anyone have experience with the v-necks from ? Is it a deep enough V ? How about Gap's ?



    I love the v-neck undershirts from ribbedtee. For some strange reason there are almost no grey v-neck undershirts out there. The only other one I found was from hanes and had a very high-v (pretty much a crewneck).

    As you can guess by the name the ribbedtee ones are ribbed and feel very comfortable and fit close to the body. They have a medium-v, deep enough to unbutton the top two buttons on a dress shirt, but not enough to that guy in the club with his shirt half unbuttoned. They are also longer so they won't untuck during the day. I think you would look like an idiot wearing just the undershirt by itself (because of ribbing, thinness, and extra length), but it is perfect for under a dress shirt. Sounds like this is exactly what you are looking for, I don't think you'll be dissapointed.

    PS. I know I sound like I am the CEO of ribbedtee, but I am just very satisfied with my purchase